Saturday, August 22, 2009

Fairhaven, Wa

We drove slowly down the coast along the sea from our a RV park.  We traveled thru industrial areas and a few parks but it was overcast, and we didn’t find anything that stood out.

When we arrived in Fairhaven, we went out on the pier where the big ferry from Alaska was loading.  This baby is a monster.


Walking down along the pier and the ticket sales building, I turned and took another picture.  This is an even longer look at the boat.


From the back, you can see how they are loading the ferry.  I stood and watched as a semi truck rumbled down the ramp and into the darkness of the ferry floor.


I think the bow opens for the truck to drive forward and out of the ship.  The port of registry says Ketchikan, Ak.  I’m not sure you can drive farther North from there since it is along the Western coast of Canada.  It is pretty much an island by itself.

So the ferry must go on North to other ports that do connect to mainland roads.  There were motorhomes as well as cars and trucks in the staging area, waiting to get aboard.  This of course, started us talking about the possibilities.

We also succumbed to a sales pitch for a ferry trip of our own.  But not to ferry our car, but rather ourselves over to San Juan Island on Sunday.  We will go out on a Whale watching boat from the main port on the island.

We have to be at the port before 9 AM on Sunday morning.  It is about a  half an hour from the campground to the port.  We will also have to extend another day since we were leaving Sunday morning.  Not any more…….

Retired Rod


  1. Good Morning Rod, Great pictures of the ferry... Isn't that the best part of retirement & full timing??? We can come & go as we please... Have Fun!

    Travel Safe

  2. Hey Rod, you're going to be in our neck of the woods on Sunday. While you're out whale watching you should be able to see Vancouver Island where we are! Hope you get some good pics of the whales, enjoy your trip and, don't get too wet!!


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