Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Mountain Home

We are at Mountain Home, Idaho.  We left Island Park, at about 10:30 this morning, and drove thru the day.  First back South on Highway 20 to Idaho Falls, and then on the Interstate to Pocatello.  Once there, we changed Interstates to head for Boise.  We never made that Objective.

But we are only 50 miles short, and have found an all concrete commercial resort RV park.  The sites are wide and have irrigated grass.  The pull thru’s and drive in sites are at least 80 feet deep and 36 feet wide.  This place is as nice as we have ever experienced.   The Web site for Mountain Home RV Park.

As a loose objective we are headed toward Seattle.  Loyce has never been in the area, and has chosen the objective.  I have obliged, with the obligatory, Yes Dear!

There is an Air Force Base to the West of town here, and military uniforms are the order of the day.  The Wal-Mart is almost across the street.

Sunday, we dove up to Monmouth Hot Springs in the North end of Yellowstone.  The city park seems to be some of the best grazing grass around, and the Elk come into town for it.


The grass is worth braving all the people, but then they know they are  celebrities.  The town officials were watching, to make sure folks didn’t get too close.  They barked at one group with a PA system mounted in a public works truck.


The hot springs area, but I didn’t take the hike, as parking was half a mile away from the start of the boardwalk.


It will take a while to post the pictures that we have, but I will attempt to add some to the blogs as we travel on, and do not have much to write about.  Travel days are tiring and do not provide much in the way of pictures. 

Retired Rod


  1. I took that walk up to the top of the hot springs in Monmouth & it was beautiful with many pools of water in many shapes & colorful sizes. All my pics from that trip are in slide form though. Never been to Seattle but it was Washington State that I saw my very first mountain back in about 70 or 71. Looks like a great trip your having.....(sigh)

  2. Seattle is fun!! Dont forget the fish market and Trader Joe's!! If you get to my side of Washington let me know!!

    Jenny J

  3. Hey Rod... Loved your pictures of the Elk and noted the campground information in my journal... You will LOVE Seattle...and the surrounding towns are also worth the side trips. If you can look up Leavenworth and try to go visit it. It is a quaint German influenced town... We love that whole area and yes you must do Pikes Fish Market... and the Seattle needle oh so much to see & do.

    Have Fun & Travel Safe


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