Monday, August 17, 2009

South Prairie, Washington

We left the bank of the river, after enjoying the 20 or so trains that zoomed thru the night.  Only stopping at rest areas and once at a Pilot truck stop for fuel.

We reached Tacoma. Washington mid afternoon, and hauled into a Lowes parking lot to decide what next.  There was a KOA but it was right downtown in Seattle, and was described as a tight together concrete and asphalt lot.  One where your awning touched the rig next to you.

Also you would be right next to the interstate.  And at a big price starting at $ 49 ranging to $79.  I told Loyce I was having big trouble with that one.

So after deciding that I wanted to be out toward Rainier, in a more rural setting, I looked on Woodall’s and just picked one at random.

We are at South Prairie Creek RV park, in South Prairie, Washington.  It is rural, and is much closer to Rainier, and more than twenty miles from downtown.

This place is a long term RV park, where everyone has 200 pound LP tanks and many are skirted.  We are in the part of the park with other transients.  The park had no showerhouse facilities at all, but did have a laundry.  Loyce thought it was dirty.

If looking up at Rainier adds it factor, then this is really cool, but otherwise it is totally a gravel lot.

We have managed to go back to town, and eat at Appleby’s, and go to Wal Mart.  We will have to make some plans in the morning!

Retired Rod

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  1. I love that area but I do not know of any campgrounds except over in Port Townsend... the old Coast Guard base... it is beautiful and great views of the Cascade Mountains... I'll try to find out exactly where it is and how to get there...

    Have Fun & Travel Safe


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