Friday, August 21, 2009

Our day on Baker Mountain

It is over 50 miles from I5 in Bellingham to the top of Baker Mountain. When you look up, here in town, it seems that it is right there. Towering over everything. But it really is a long ways away.

We messed around in the morning, and then went to Wal Mart to renew some of Loyce’s prescriptions. We have been there twice before getting the same renewals, but alas the pharmacy can’t get it straight, and fails to fill the scripts.

This time they had one of them right, but the other was still a problem. Loyce inquired if they were out of the med, but no they had it. They couldn’t explain what the problem was but come back later and perhaps it will be done. Arrrrg!

So we headed out to go up Baker Mountain. We drove for 30 miles thru the forest around curve after curve. We could never even see the mountain as it was behind others that were closer to us. We wondered if we were on the right road.

After 35 miles, we rounded a corner and there it was.


The woods here is thick and tall, so seeing the mountain is almost impossible.


We found this reader board.


Construction stopped us numerous times. There is a bridge inside this weird tent like structure, and they were painting it.


We crossed the Nooksack River numerous times.

The sign said Nooksack Falls, so we took this narrow gravel road down the side of the roadway off into the woods. Spooky! After parking and hiking a short ways we found the fence guarding the straight down cliff overlooking the falls.


I hung out over the fence.


It goes way down there.


I took several pics and autostitched this together.


On up the Mountain. We climbed and climbed to over 8K feet. We finally reached the base of the volcano towering over us.


I drove around the one way circle at the top where the ski resort was all closed up for the summer. Stopping to take different pictures.


I walked out on the banks of Baker Lake to get these shots.


These really are two different shots, but they look much the same.


This was a little more to the left around the path. I like the trees in the foreground. I messed with the colors a tad and sharpened it to boot.

This will become the blog header when I get time, LOL.


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