Sunday, August 2, 2009

Getting ready to leave

I'm not sure where today went! But it is after dark and the day is gone. I am also very tired, so it must have been a productive day.

I spent the morning going thru bills. Boo, hiss, but every month it is the same old same old, when you have the sticks and bricks. Utilities are high in Hot and Cold months. And then all the little nagging bills, like cell phone and cable and air card. The list seems endless.

About 11, I bolted and went to get a hair cut. On the way I stopped at the auto parts house to get butt joint wire connectors to replace the Beep, Beep CO detector.

Once the haircut was over, and the rig was started in the storage lot, I replaced the detector. The new one seemed to work, and not beep. Until I was driving home, and beep, beep, doesn't it just figure.

After I was parked out front of the house, I left the generator running powering the air conditioners. The detector seems to have adjusted itself and I now have no more beeps.

Tonight was spent installing a power wire from the house batteries in the coach floor entrance steps all the way back to the front and thru the firewall. I also added a two meter antenna to the side of the rig, so Loyce and I can use the radios to talk as we drive.

Each time as I walked out to the rig, I carried a load of stuff. But I am sure we will still have oodles to haul out in the morning.

We do plan to leave in the morning. But it is up in the air if it will be tomorrow morning. LOL

Retired Rod

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  1. Rod, I read where low voltage on the house battery will make them beep about every half minute or minute depending on the model. Also if it is very hot inside they will beep also. This is from and irv2 forums.


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