Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Trading Volcanoes

Today we packed up the Motor Home and left the suburbs of Seattle behind.  Mt Rainier was in our rear view mirror, as we caught the 405 North around the city.

Once we were on I 5, and passed Bill Gates’ Microsoft headquarters in Bellevue, we headed North to Bellingham.

This is the last larger community in Washington, before you cross into Canada.  It is at the foot of Mt Baker.  The last volcano in the US in the Cascade Mountains.  As I understand, and can name them, it is Lassen in California, Hood in Oregon, Saint Helens in Southern Washington, Rainier (Tacoma as the Indians called it) in Central Washington, and Baker here in NW Washington.

Since we are much farther North, Baker is the most covered in glaciers.  I haven’t found out how high it is, but it doesn’t seem as tall as Rainier.

We had reserved and checked into the Bellingham RV Park, arriving here about 2:30.  We were set up fairly quickly, and Loyce feels better about the cleanliness of this park as compared to our last location. 

It is mighty tight between rigs here, but she says that doesn’t bother her since there is grass  on the sites, and we have a bath house.  The laundry is on the small side, but is again quite clean and neat.

Tonight we went to the old historical area of town called “Fairhaven.”  This is a tourist trap with many old stores and restaurants.   We ate at a place called “Fat Fish Company” that was along the street, with a French Door type opening front on the building, and sidewalk table service. 

We had Broiled Salmon, with battered shrimp prawns.  The meal started with spinach salad and blue cheese, almonds, and raisins.  The Salmon was served with a soy and ginger sauce, along with rice pilaf and braised veggies.

Desert was a wedge of cheese cake with chocolate and butterscotch sauce.  This was garnished with a strawberry and some cream mousse.  Boy was that rich, and not on my diabetic diet.  I will need extra pills tonight.

So tonight we have a new volcano to look up at and wonder if it will blow any time soon!  They tell me you can see steam at times in the winter……….

Retired Rod


  1. That Broiled Salmon meal sounds waaaaaaaay to complicated for me. Didn't they have any burgs & fries:))

  2. Good Morning Rod... Loved your description of the food... NOW I am drooling. I love Mount Baker. It is a beautiful mountain and the ride to the top is so scenic and fun... Unless it is full of snow! Mount Baker gets some of the record breaking snow depths. We have been there when the sides of the road where tall with drifts.

    Have Fun & Travel Safe

  3. Mount Baker is awesome Rod....Marblemount and Diablo Lake is a couple places I have been as well as the town of Concrete -- it is a lovely drive! Big Mountains!!

  4. Bellingham RV Park is a nice, clean little RV Park, we have stayed there a few times. The spots are a bit tight, but o.k. for overnighting or a few days. Those desserts sounded pretty good to me.

  5. Now you got it eh! If you are back in Vancouver take in Stanley Park it is right downtown on the waterfront and is a little bit of country right in the city.


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