Thursday, August 6, 2009

Western Wyoming

We drove most of the way across Wyoming today on I 80.  About 275 miles or so. We had a reservation in another KOA in Rock Springs.

We arrived around 4 and got set up in the gravel parking lot with hookups.  We are camped back to back with the hookup island in between.  The fifth wheel next to us is only about 6 feet from our slide.  Nice.  But we do have about 20 feet on the front, or door side to the next motorhome.

It was quite hot in the afternoon, and the road took us up over the continental divide.  At Laramie, we passed thru 8650 elevation.  The diesel truck under the motorhome never batted an eye.  Sometimes we would loose 5 miles an hour or so going up the steep ascents, but nothing more.

We passed semi’s going 40 in lower gears, but we were seldom lower than 5th, with an occasional 4th at 50 mph in the steepest grades.

Coming down into Laramie, I used the Jake Brake feature of the transmission, and never really needed the disc brakes much at all. That was comforting!

We are about 100 miles or so East of the Ogden, Utah area on I 80.  We intend to drive North toward Jackson, but have no reservations in a campground anywhere.   So boondocking may be the next step in this adventure. 

Once we get closer to the Teton area, we will have to go into search mode to see what the next venue will be.  The back of a truck stop with a lot of idling engines does not seem too inviting, however.

Retired Rod

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  1. I know there was a campground north of Jackson Hole on the way to Yellowstone because I remember staying there in 92. We were sleeping in the back of a Mazda pick-up trucko on a piece of foam in those days. Great views of the Tetons along that scenic along that highway.


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