Friday, August 28, 2009


We have moved on to the other side of the state of Wyoming. This evening, we we are in Cheyenne. We tried to stay at other campgrounds, but found them to be giant dust bowls. Run down wasn’t half of it.

So we drove on to the KOA in Cheyenne. We stayed here on the way out , and found it to be clean and comfortable. I generally do not try and do two nights in the same place, but since we are making tracks back for home, all the rules go away. I feel that the price here is outrageous, so I’m not even going to talk about it.

I did a quickie dump of the gray tank this morning, and headed out. We were late again, since we have our internal clocks all jumbled up. I refuse to set an alarm. We are retired you know.

I’m trying to remember something that was memorable about the drive today, but Wyoming is mostly sage brush and dry land. You do climb to over 8 thousand feet just East of Laramie and the ground changes there.

East of this summit, the Midwest really begins. Sage brush is mostly gone, and pasture crops start. It is at this point, that as a former Iowan, I feel like I am back in my comfort zone. I could plant something, and it would grow!

As of tonight we have covered 1,300 miles in the last 4 days. Because of tomorrow being a Friday, I have made a reservation in a Campground in Grand Island, Ne. That will be another 350 mile day. I’m wearing my self thin here, but Loyce really wants to get home.

Retired Rod

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  1. We are headed towards Cheyenne next summer for a few days... You guys are really moving along pretty quickly... Take care!

    Have Fun & Travel Safe!!!


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