Saturday, August 29, 2009

Grand Island, Nebraska

We did it all over again. Same late start, same all day drive. We left Cheyenne and drove 350 miles to Grand Island.

We are again at another KOA. We need stock in this company, since we are such loyal customers. LOL

Again it was right along the highway, and was advertised on a sign board at the exit. We had not seen any other camping advertisements for miles.

This place wasn’t obscenely expensive at $32 for full hookups. And since this will be our last night out, we will be able to flush out the sewer tanks thoroughly for storage as we get ready to leave here.

Tomorrow we will be back in Kansas City, although we are still over 250 miles from home.

An earlier start would be in order, but today we again changed time zones to central time. So it is midnight, and I still think it is 10 o’clock, The rush home, that Loyce has required, has my internals trashed.

So tonight is the last night on the road, and I think I am having remorse already.

Retired Rod


  1. Good Morning... It looks like your journey is finally coming to an end... I can understand your remorse as I love being on the road... BUT not driving long days as you did... we are more the 200 max miles a day people... Very seldom do we do 350 a day... Hope you have a beautiful day on your journey back home... Have Fun!

    Travel Safe

  2. I'm sure it'll take you a few days after you get home to unwind and completely relax as you've had quite a drive. It's always nice to get home, but it doesn't take long before thinking about the next trip out!


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