Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Idaho again!

We are back in Mountain Home RV Park, in Mountain Home, Idaho.

This was the park with the 80 foot concrete pull thrus. With concrete patios, and picnic tables. And you can wash the RV no charge, or the car or the dog or yourself, or………..well you get the idea.

Today was 260 miles, unlike yesterday that was 370. That is too far! A nice day should not be over 300.

Thanks for all the nice comments on the whale chasin photos. I been telling the boss lady that I need NEED a new longer lens. Ya know our pictures would have been sooooo much better with a 400mm zoom. I know, I don’t use it enough to warrant the price!

I see my long set of pictures has started a bit of controversy as to the size of the pictures. And yes there were way too many of them, but I took 60 or more, so really I did pick just a few.

I use live writer, and it shrinks the photos to a smaller size, and I have custom set the size to somewhat fill the page, but still have them be about 100K to download. If you click on them they will not become any bigger, since they have been preshrunk.

But what I have done, is to take Al’s advice about cutsie blog gadgets, and have eliminated the Slide Show. The pictures get old and stale, and no one looks at them. They take blog download time, every time you check in. I have never had any music or such, since I also use an aircard to have internet on the road.

Also, I have reduced the number of posts that come up to three. If you want older posts, you can click on older, and it will pull them for you. So on these special days, where I do in fact have something that I think is neat, and go crazy with pictures, it will drop off much quicker and not cause download fatigue.

But I really don’t want to change the size, unless that means everyone quits me. Let me know.

Retired Rod


  1. we loved your whale watching pictures! We have no trouble downloading when pulling up your blog. We did a whale tour in Prince Rupert, BC a couple of years ago to see humpback whales - when they blow it is something else!!!!

  2. I love your pictures and had no problem ever opening your blog... I also use an air card (for 5 years) and do not usually have any problems unless out in the boonies... Keep those great pictures coming!

    Have Fun & Travel Safe!

  3. Looking good to me, Rod. I wouldn't change a thing! 100kb for your pics is perfectly o.k. I still think you should go for that 400mm zoom lens - you just never know when you might see another whale!!

  4. No problems with picture size. Your site opens fine for us. I know it's hard limiting the number of photos on the site. I have the same problem sometimes. How's that new rig turning out for you....likes, dislkes??


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