Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hot Lake, Oregon

I did what no respectful camper would ever do, I hauled off the interstate at a blue campground sign on the corner. Without any idea what or where I was. The sign said Eagle Hot Lake RV.

This is a fairly nice park, but is mostly grass with some gravel for roads. Gravel was once the pull thru sites too, but the grass is taking over, and the caretaker has never heard of Roundup.

We do have a 50 amp site, but it is not hot tonight, so we are maybe using about 15 amps with the fridge and water heater. Our lights are mostly florescent, so they won’t use much.

The Hot Lake really is hot, and there is an old Hotel that in 1910 was a sanatorium. It is rumored to be haunted, but they are carefully remodeling the place. The hot lake water was thought to be medicinal back in the day.

I set the rig up with FHU, and have not been back outside since. I got hooked up watching the coverage of the Medical Insurance reform bill on Fox news.

So lets see, back on Sunday in Yellowstone, after we went to Monmouth Hot Springs, we drove over to Tower Falls.


Tower Creek empties into the Yellowstone river at the base of the falls, but the rock under the creek is much harder than the river bed. Because of that they erode at a much different rate. Over the millennia the falls was created. The water falls 132 feet. The spires at the top of the picture are said to be towers, thus the name.


Again we had to park a half a mile away, as the younger folks had all the up front spots. But alas if you go slow, it was a cool day and I managed to walk out on the observation deck.

There is a hike down to the river, that takes you to the foot of the falls, but it looked like it was straight down to me. So the pictures from the distance was all I got.

Retired Rod


  1. Sounds like you're having a wonderful trip. I love those falls!

  2. Good Morning Rod... What beautiful pictures of the falls... I am glad your having such a wonderful time. That area of the country is just sooooo beautiful.

    Have Fun & Travel Safe

  3. Ya just can't get enough of that area. It's gorgeous. I'm glad you're there to take it all in.


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