Monday, August 3, 2009

First night out.

Ellis, Kansas

Where in the he!! is Ellis?  Why it is 15 miles West of Hayes.  Way out in the West part of Kansas.  But there is still more than a hundred miles before Colorado.

We are parked in the Chamber of Commerce city park.  Pay the policeman when he comes thru.  $15 gets 30 amps and water.  Dump station on the way out.


Its on a dammed up creek, that had no water going over the spillway.  Hope folks down stream don’t need any water, as we are keeping it here.


The reason these pictures are so eerie is that was are in the middle of a normal Kansas nasty thunderstorm.  The sky looks awful, complete with what looks to be Mammatus Clouds.  These are always threatening at the least.


Studying the Wiki tells me that these clouds form after the storm has passed, and I am going to believe them, since we are not packing to leave.

It took forever for us to get the rest of our stuff packed and ready to go.  We were on the road by One PM, yah like after lunch.  We have made almost 300 miles, but then this isn’t a race.

Of more concern is the report we just got on TV,  all two Channels of it.  CBS and a public broadcasting station.  It is supposed to be triple digits heat tomorrow.  That transforms into a hot, hot drive in the motorhome.

Today I had the generator running and one of the roof airs going as well as the dash air.  It was only in the early 90’s.  We may have to turn North and head for Nebraska, but it is to be at least 100 up there.  That is better than the 107 predicted here.

We continue to have problems with the Co, Lp detector.  It beeped almost all afternoon.  We were running the reefer on Lp as we drove, and that seems to be all it takes to set it off.

Loyce was just swiffering the floor and the smell of the chemical mopping agent, caused it to go crazy again.  She has begun to call the RV “beeper.”

With only 30 amp power we are reduced to running only one A/C at a time.  But it is after dark, and we will be OK.  We are cooling the bedroom, so I am sitting under the fan up front.  I think it is more humid than it is hot, but tomorrow will test us.  Well me anyway, Loyce is following in the Camry, and it freezes you out.

Yes there is a train thru this town, as it is a Coop station, with a grain elevator.  And the train whistles as it passes thru town. You can hear it coming for miles, but on the off chance that someone doesn’t, the whistle is necessary.  The track directly crosses main street in the center of downtown.

And how did I know about this place?  A couple that RV’s that are also in the Ham Radio Club told me about it at our last Godfathers Pizza outing.

Retired Rod


  1. Your mention of Ellis Kansas brought back some memories for us. We spent Halloween night in the Chamber of Commerce park in 2007.

    A big Kansas wind had just ripped our awning out while on I-80 the day before. Like you we were on our first trip with our Class A.

  2. Hi Rod - I've been a silent follower for a while with no name yet. Now that you have a CLASS A, will you tow the Camry?


  3. Just wondering about your jacks. There is a lot of weight on them jacked up that high, with the front tires off of the ground. Have you thought of the pressure and weight on the jacks and also the seals in your jacks? We blew all the seals out of our jacks, one after the other and didn't have the wheels completely off the ground. Just a thought that we wanted to pass on to you. It is a beautiful coach you have bought.


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