Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Seattle Waterfront

Headed to the aquarium.


The entrance tank, had most of the natural fish found in the sound.


I only had the point and shoot camera with me and the exposure and focus was fooled at almost every shot.


This was a tank where you could put your hands in the water, but I have no idea what the gals on the left are doing.


Why yes I am a puffer.  He moved ever so slowly.


A Lion fish that is sooo poisonous.


The kids were screaming “Nemo”, but of course we know this as a clown fish.


Dorri wouldn’t hold still so she is just a blue blur.  A Blue Tang was in the same tank as the Clown fish.  Do you think that was an accident?


Outside the Harbor Seals were entertaining the folks.


Yes I think I’m cute!


In the bottom of one of the biggest tanks is a domed room.  The windows went all the way around.


This little gal was fascinated.


I was fascinated watching her be fascinated.  A Dog fish.



I could not get the camera to focus on this shrimp.  He was too big for the other fish in the tank to eat, but he was on guard just the same.


Fingerling salmon from the hatchery.



And I had to get a shot of the Space needle from the 1962 Worlds Fair.  Its about 600 feet tall, and I thought it was the tallest structure in the world, when I went up in 1962.

I have never forgot that fair, and how lucky I was to have my parents bring me to it that year.

Many of the permanent buildings that were built for the fair are still here.  They still have a science center theme like they did in 1962.



We are not overly impressed with the driving in the big city, so we may press on to a smaller area in the morning.  Parking was a real problem today, and it took almost 3 hours to get home after we were done downtown.  There are no parks that are closer, unless you want to spend $70 for the lone KOA.  Even it is more than ten miles out.

Retired Rod


  1. What great pictures... I love Seattle and surrounding towns... Just beautiful up there in the Northwest! Last time we were there we were eating up in the needle and the Blue Angels were doing an air show... That was really neat.

    Have Fun & Travel Safe

  2. Beautiful, isn't it? It's not a huge aquarium, but it's one of the best attractions on the Seattle waterfront.


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