Thursday, August 27, 2009

Rambling about being on the road!

We were up again this morning, but after we intended, since we were adjusting to Mountain Time. Our internal clocks had adjusted to the West coast.

But we organized stuff and were on the road by 10:30. As we drove East on highway 84, we talked on the radios to each other about where we were trying to go. We really didn’t have much of a plan except to go home.

I plugged in Cheyenne, Wy. in the GPS and checked the route. It kept me on I-84 all the way to Ogden, Ut. and then on to I-80 to Cheyenne. So that became our plan. We didn’t know how far we would go or where we would find a park to stop.

We pressed on and ate our lunch in a rest area just across the Utah line. The scenery in North Utah is quite striking. It is really big country. Seems you go over the next hill and suddenly can see for miles over a plain to the next mountain range.


The winds thru some of these passes violently shake the trucks and cars on the highway. A motor home is overwhelmingly susceptible to these winds and it seemed that I was chasing the rig all over the road. I slowed down and kind of plugged along. Since I am still a novice at the motor home, I was somewhat holding my breath.

We headed out on I-84 from Ogden to the East, a spectacular drive thru canyons along a flowing river. Too bad that it was mostly under construction where you drive thru the concrete barricades that are barely 10 feet wide. Most of the Eastbound road was on the shoulder, as the West side was on our side beyond the barriers.

Loyce was describing the views, as I was fixated on keeping within the narrow barricades. Once over the Wyoming line, we saw a sign for a KOA. We drove directly here.

Here, is Lyman, Wyoming, which is 41 miles inside the Western boarder. This is a ranch that the owner has owned for 40 years. It is a park along side his original home place. It couldn’t be more peaceful, but since we are late in August and it is after school has started, the place is mostly empty.

The price was $26 with the KOA discount card. We are on a water and electric site, since they were in the back, and had the best setting. We are essentially in a grove, on a peaceful farm. Some of our best finds, have been when we had no plans about where we intended to stop!

We think we will stay on I-80, and go on thru Nebraska. We have been over I-70 twice last year, and again on the way out this time. We also went diagonally across Kansas on our hurried trip home from Arizona last year. Both ways!

There is only so much Kansas you can take!

Retired Rod


  1. Wow you guys are really hauling butt!!! I remember those winds and YES they can really catch you off guard. Please travel safe & most of all have fun!!!


  2. Those winds scare me to death. Once our rig just glided sideways, almost in the other lane. I forgot about those winds out there. We have a 40' diesel this time. I wonder if it will pick us up like it has before. :)

    Happy Trails,


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