Friday, August 7, 2009

More solid plans

We didn’t have the nerve! To head out toward Jackson, without any place reserved to stay. A few calls yielded absolutely no openings. Its the weekend after all.

So after some deliberation, and a decision that we really didn’t want to brave the crowds over the weekend, we started reading blogs of folks that had been to Yellowstone this year.

Gordon and Juanita of Seeing the USA in our Chevrolet, provided an idea. They called the park they stayed at “HOME” since they liked it so much. It is South of Henry Lake outside West Yellowstone.

A call provided a reservation, for Friday night and several more. This is out in the wilderness, according to their web site. Red Rock RV Park

We packed up and left to go over into Idaho, and approach from the West side. Our destination for today became Pocatello, Idaho. We are here now.

The route suggested by the GPS was over 300 miles thru Salt Lake and Ogden and then North on I 15. But by taking old US 30 we cut off about 60 miles, and the road was as nice as a 2 lane could be.

Except for the 15 miles of construction a little East of I 15, but we suffered thru it all right. As all construction goes, it had to rain and we are covered with mud from the dirt work. Yuk!

Here in Pocatello, we hauled in at another KOA as it was the easiest to find after 260 miles of 2 lane.


The scenery was breath taking most of the way on old 30. Traffic was light, but we did have some long steep grades both up and down. The Freightliner chassis did not disappoint, and we made it with minimum fuss. Again we got to use the jake brake to descend some of the passes. I hardly ever had to use the brakes.

We still have about 200 miles to get to the park, but it will be more scenic driving, and the miles will pass quickly.

The park advertises Wifi, so lets hope I can post from there. I don’t give the aircard much of a chance that far out in the toolies!

Retired Rod

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  1. I so enjoyed reading your blog. We spend the summer in our RV. We're in Virgina now. But next year we're going to meet our friends sometime in April in Colorado, then work our way to South dakota, then Alaska for 3 months, then heading to the coastal highway. Come by for a visit when you get a moment, I would enjoy the visit.


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