Thursday, November 5, 2009


It was getting quite dark when I headed out to take a picture of our site here in the Oasis RV Resort here in Amarillo, Texas.  We are at what Al of the Bayfield Bunch would call a high ender's park, with the nice concrete pads to park on.  You wouldn't want to get your wheels dirty now would you.  The pad is perfectly level, and did not require the jacks, but I put them down anyway because it helps stabilize the rig.  That keeps the shaking down when we waddle around inside.

This place is quite new, and many of the RV Dreamers have stayed here.  They have recommended the place, so we had to come see what all the hub bub was about.

Not only do we have Full Hook Up's, but even the laundry is supposed to be free.  We haven't checked that out yet.  Another nice feature is they do not care if you wash your rig.  We may have to take advantage of that if we have the time.

This place could command a big price, but they charge $20 a night.  This is an introductory price, but has been going on for some time.

A view back to the front of the park toward the office.

We were up fairly early this morning, and headed out of the KOA park by about 10 AM.  This time I did look to make sure of the time.  We rolled along at  65 miles an hour, not pushing too hard.  We knew that there was no problem with sites as we had called for a reservation and found we didn't need one.

I stopped at a Flying J to get some diesel and propane, but we had a little problem, as their propane hose was not long enough to reach the passenger side of the coach.  The pump was on the driver's side, and the guy told me to go turn around and come into the pump backwards.

But before I could get turned around, two more RV's were in line for the diesel pump.  Backwards suddenly wasn't an option.  The fellow suggested that the pump was on the curb side in Amarillo.  Well then!  I drove on to Amarillo.

After stopping in the rest area to make some lunch, we arrived at the Flying J in Amarillo.  This time the RV drive was curbed and quite narrow, and steep.  I drug the trailer jack post heavily getting into the driveway.  That's when I noticed the vent cover on the top of the utility trailer was gone.  Darn!

I had to go into the office 3 times to get someone to come pump the LP.  Meanwhile the RV's lined up behind me to get to the pump.  They didn't understand why I was just sitting there next to the LP tank and not pulling ahead to the diesel pump.  They honked their horns in dissatisfaction. Finally the LP guy came and filled our tank.  I pulled ahead and topped off the diesel tank as well.  The folks behind me were really glad to see me go!

Flying J is becoming almost impossible use for a fill up in any timely manner.  I do much better if I get inline with the semi trucks, but there is no LP in those islands.

We have a 30 gallon tank for LP, and filling it 80 percent gives you 24 gallons usable.  We have never put any gas in since we got the RV new, using it all summer on the initial tank.  We added 10 gallons today, which will take us into the park in Mesa full.  Arizona does not allow the LP truck to come and fill you rig in the park.  So it is necessary to drive the whole RV to get propane.  Breaking camp that way is not a good thing.

We paid for two nights here, and were told we could have the third night for free.  These folks really want your introductory visit to be memorable.

Retired Rod


  1. Good Morning... What a beautiful HIGH end park... LOL We love the woods but sometimes it is nice to stay in a park with all the amenities and not to much dirt... Sorry you lost your vent cover on the trailer. Hopefully it won't be to hard to replace... Have a great day!

    Travel Safely

  2. You can purchase a portable propane cylinder and Extend A Stay Propane Adapter Kit. The Extend A Stay attaches the cylinder to you on-board propane system.

    That way you only have to take the cylinder to the re-fill station.


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