Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hanging out!

I had a quiet day here at the campsite, while Loyce headed out with the car to shopping points known only to her.  She needs this fix every now and then to keep her sanity.  She is free to do as she pleases, without me carping about it taking too long and sitting in the car waiting impatiently.

So I spent the day attacking the palm tree that is in the back of our campsite.  It has grown without any grooming for years.  The neighbors on our side of the wall next door, had sawed off the leaves that reached over their site, so it was lop sided and unattended on my side only.

Seems the fellow over the block wall in the next campground was also chopping off leaves as they reached over his wall.

I didn't ask for permission, since I knew I wouldn't get it.  I began sawing off leaves or fronds and piling them out by the road.  I felt sure this would attract attention.  One of the park guys did stop by, and ask how I was getting along, but said nothing about what I was doing.  So I pressed on.

Tonight, the tree is trimmed up to above our heads and a pile of fronds are next to the road.  We'll see if the staff comes and hauls them away.  Or if I get into trouble.  Really the staff should have trimmed this tree along with all the others in the park, but I am told that the tree was planted by the park model owner that had this site previously.

I didn't ask the circumstances of the removal of this housing unit, but I do know it was quite old, and now it is gone.  Someone in the park must make these decisions, but that knowledge is not leaked out to us lowly RV owners.

Years ago, this park was all park models, and they were quite old back then.  Now it is mostly empty RV sites sprinkled with newer park models.  They do bill the place as an RV Resort, so the emphasis has changed.

Tonight, I am nursing my hands and fingers, as the sharp barbs of the palm fronds have exacted a toll and caused numerous punctures.  Perhaps I will have something more of interest to report tomorrow, and typing fingers that are less sore to explain it with.

Retired Rod

P.S.  The sleep number bed stayed inflated nicely all night long, and I slept on it like a log.  

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