Sunday, November 8, 2009

Arizona or Bust!

I didn't feel like testing the sleep number mattress, so I slept on the fold out couch.  It is also an air mattress, but more of the old fashioned type.  It has the mattress padding, and an internal air bag.  You blow it up with a pump that plugs into the 110V outlet.  I guess you have to blow it up with your breath, if you are boondocking.

It sleeps rather hard!  At first I didn't have it up high enough, and I sagged to the bottom with my bottom.  But then after a couple of hours of that and a back ache, I blew it up some more with my breath.  Now it was quite hard, and I went to sleep until about 6:30.

By that time, the traffic began to be heavy in front of the RV park, so I was up again.  I never did hear the train during the night, so perhaps its a daylight track.  I never went into the bathrooms or any of the other facilities, so the park was fine.  A gravel lot with hookups.

As we were leaving, at about 10 AM the park owner was out front on the bunkhouse porch waving us goodbye.  A nice touch.

We got started driving, and made it over the mountain range West of Alamogordo in short order.  This is a steep incline when coming from the East, but the Cummins diesel shifted back to high gear from the double overdrive (6th back to 4th) and pulled like a trooper.  We never slowed below 50 miles per hour, but the throttle was floored.

We had to drive right thru downtown Las Cruces as there is no interstate connection between US 70 and I 10, without going South on I 25 and then coming back North again.  That is way out of the way.

Once on I 10 we kept on keeping on!  The miles seemed to fade into the rear view mirror.  Before we knew it we were in Arizona.  I did a wave at Al and Kelly when we went over the highway to Douglas, as they are somewhere South of there.  They couldn't have been too far away, as Mexico is only about 60 miles South.

We headed on, as it was almost 4 in the afternoon.  At Benson, we decided we had had enough, and headed into town.  This is where the Escapee park is located here outside of Tucson.  We have been members for about a year now, so that's where we are parked for tonight.  I bought two nights, since I am tired of the relentless driving.  This is somewhat of a destination park, and has all the fellowship that the Escapee's are known for.

We arrived just as their happy hour was starting, but the office is in a different building than the clubhouse, and by the time we were on our spot and set up, the hour was over.

Tonight was poker and many other activities, but we were quite tired, and happy to sit and watch TV.

I have no idea what tomorrow will be, but lets hope its a lot slower.

Retired Rod


  1. A gravel pit with hook-ups huh....hmmmmmm!!
    The 'Our Life On Wheels' folks live in the park you are in right now. They are on our bloggers list. Names Jerry & Suzi.

  2. Good Morning... It does sound like hard days of driving and good that you decided to rest up for a few days... Have fun and enjoy the park! Afterall we are really never in a hurry... LOL LOL

    Travel Safely

  3. Kelly just reminded me that, "yes, the gravel at boot hill was a bit rough to walk on!!"

  4. I think I said gravel lot, not PIT! I was just emphasizing that we didn't use any of the facilities. And therefore couldn't comment on their suitability for others.


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