Sunday, November 29, 2009

Switch on the CO Detector

I'm a one handed typing fellow tonight, as I managed to smash my middle finger in the bedroom window this afternoon.  The windows are dual pane, and quite heavy.  It came closed with a bang right on the nail.   I let out quite a yelp, and had to sit in the lawn chair for a  period of time just to not pass out.

So tonight the blog may be a little shorter.......

I decided to install a switch on  our beeping CO LP detector.  Much of the time we have had the fuse removed from the circuit so it won't keep us awake, but that kills all the lights in the bedroom except the florescent in the ceiling. 

I added a toggle switch that hangs on its wires, so I can remove it without leaving any marks from its presence.  But the other stuff in the bedroom now works, and when the detector goes crazy in the middle of the night, a simple switch of the toggle will turn it off.

I can only hope that we will not be killing it when there is really CO present.  So if I wake up  dead from having the detector off, we'll know it wasn't a good idea.

But the fuse has been out for months so we would be dead already if we had a problem.  I left it on all afternoon, and it beeped at the most minimal introduction of anything.  Like taking off the top of the deodorant stick, and cooking some chili on the stove.

We are using electric heat, water heater, and fridge, so we have no CO source to worry about.

It was when I was cleaning up after the work that I managed to smash my finger in the window.  I've done nothing at all since that time.  Lets hope it feels better tomorrow!

Retired Rod


  1. "So tonight the blog may be a little shorter......."

    Better the blog being shorter than your finger:))

  2. I may have missed something, but have you already purchased a new CO detector? They go bad over time, and replacement usually is the answer. Sorry about the finger, I once smashed my finger with a 3 lb steel mallet. I didn't cry, but I did have to lay down for a while.

  3. Sounds like a very serious injury to me Rod. I hope it's not your channel changing finger, because you will probably need to take it easy and just watch some football games today!

  4. I hope you feel better soon. It sounds really painful.


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