Friday, November 20, 2009

Hunting for a table leg.

We have settled into our home park routine here at Mesa Spirit.  Seems like it is cool or colder or coolest right at dawn.  And we huddle under the covers about that time not wanting to get out of bed.

We run a minimal amount of heat at night, as it can get really expensive to use the electric heaters all night.  So it gets quite cool in the rig before morning.  Once up and into your clothes, it isn't so bad.  And I have found that he rig holds the colder temps inside even though it has warmed up outside.

Now all this is relative, as it is never very cold here, but the high forties is fairly cold when in an RV.  We do have dual pane windows, and this rig is much better than our summer trailer was at staying warm once the heat is on.

All of this is to explain that we fall into the habit of sleeping in later, because we are waiting for the sun to warm the RV.

This morning, we were up and dressed a lot earlier than we have been, but had no particular plan of somewhere to go.  Seems like we even went out and got in the car without a plan.  Our only plan was to leave the park.

I was hoping to go find a motor scooter dealer, and look over the accessories they had available.  Loyce was interested in finding another quilt shop that we had been to last year, so we headed out.

We drove around, just checking out the things we remember from last year and relearning the general lay of the land.  I did find the Kymco dealer, but was fairly disappointed by the whole place.  They also handle new and used full sized bikes, and the whole place has the bad boy cycle shop feel.  Not what I was hoping for.

We stopped at a Home Depot to buy a table leg.  Let me explain.  Tiffin makes their dinner table on a steel frame that is fastened to the cabinetry on the wall.  There are no legs.  Loyce wants to put her heavy sewing machine on the table.  It should hold it alright, but it will bounce around as she runs the motor.  The steel frame will flex under the load, and that will cause the seams to not be straight.

We decided that a single leg wedged under that table would stabilize the whole deal and be a simple solution.  That is how we now find our self at the Home Depot.  They did have just the leg in the mill work department, but I needed it cut to a custom length.  Finding someone to run their saw and cut the leg proved time consuming.  Eventually we found the right guy.

We messed around looking for the quilt shop, that we remembered from last year, but must have driven right by.  I finally used my blackberry to look up the web site, and called for the address.  It was miles back behind us, and we gave up.

After returning home, I spent some time at the folks next door,  getting to know them and having a tour of their park model.  They are from South Dakota.  Loyce was back at her projects here at home.

So that was our less than exciting day, but we did leave the park and get out for the day.  That is a major improvement from yesterday.

Retired Rod


  1. We have been below freezing for about 4 nights in a row. As much as we love the southwest I do not like the freezing cold desert nights!! We are plugged into the ranch's electric so have our 2 small heaters running on low all night & sometimes we fire up our Legacy Blue Flame heater too.

  2. I usually keep my heat on the lowest setting, which is 50F, which also keeps the tanks and storage area from getting too cold. I notice it is cold inside my 5ver even when it warms up outside. Just glad I have a little electric heater to keep me from freezing!

  3. Reading the previous comments about the weather, and yours too, is making me feel much better about being stuck up here for another 6 weeks. It's 50F here too!


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