Monday, November 16, 2009

A misunderstanding and off to Mesa

It is quite cool here tonight.  We have become accustomed to the warmer temps here in Arizona, and when they go away for a while we wimp out. Whine whine whine.

It was barely 60 this morning as we awoke in Yuma, to a North wind gusting over the campground.  I stepped from the MH to find that my short pants were not nearly enough clothes.  After draining the tanks to get ready to travel, I quickly went back inside.

It was sometime after that, that the knock at the door came.  A fellow from the campground office.  Demanding to know why we had stayed at the campground without paying.  Say What!!!

I explained that I had asked for five nights and had paid my bill upon checking in.  We were in the process of leaving this morning.  Not with out paying for last night, was his response.  We were dumbfounded.

Seems as though we only thought we had registered for five nights, but the office had us registered for four nights.  I followed the fellow to the office, where I met his wife who was the manager.  She was even more indignant that we had violated laws.

I explained that we had asked for nights to include Saturday, and thought that we had paid for them.  We were getting nowhere.  They demanded payment, and I complied.  This made the camping about $40 a night plus tax.  I would not have stayed here, had I understood that price structure.  And of course the lady that checked us in was nowhere to be found.

Moral of the story is to review the receipt you are given, to make sure what you agreed to orally is on the written form.  Boy was I steamed.  Hopefully this explanation will not come off as a rant, but more of a reporting of the facts surrounding our misunderstanding.

We left as quickly as we could pack up.  There was no way to repair this situation, we were totally wrong in their eyes. Thieves!

We left Yuma, not sure we will ever return.  At least not to the Shangri-La resort anyway.

Today was our reserved check in date for the Mesa Spirit resort here in Mesa, and we arrived about 3 in the afternoon.  We are on our agreed upon site, in the middle of the camp.  Not without some difficulty, as we had trouble wheeling the MH into the tight spot. 

The site is wide enough, but there are these mail boxes all over the place, and I tried to remove two of them.   The fellow guiding me in, backed me right over one, and in trying to get off of the first one I hooked another across the street with the side of the rig.  We have several nasty scratches in the rig.

I do a lot better when someone is not making decisions for me.  Loyce was screaming at the top of her lungs for me to stop, as the CG guy was instructing me to back over the obstacles.  I ignored him from that point forward and went around the block and backed in from the opposite direction.  He was still barking out orders, but I simply didn't do what he told me.

So we are here, on the site for the next several months.  We found many activities in this area to keep us busy last year, and I am sure this year will keep us busy as well.

The place is mostly empty, as there are 1,800 sites.  Don't get me wrong, there are hundreds of rigs here, but with so many sites empty, it appears as though it is mostly empty.

We are in between two park model permanent trailers, and have a cement block wall behind us.  Our patio and driveway are concrete, so we have a clean site.  Of course this is the city, and totally lacks the IT factor that a core of engineers CG would have. 

Retired Rod


  1. When someone from the CG wants to help us park, we refuse. We do much better on our own. Too bad about the scratches. Will they buff out?

  2. I think I would avoid any place called Shangri-La, just on general principles.

  3. Sounds like the Shangri-La is not that customer friendly. Why would they jump to the conclusion that someone who had paid for several days would be thinking to rip them off? Weird! I'll write that one of my list! I just hate it when CG hosts want to help me back-in, or stay around and watch! I usually stall and find something to look at until they get tired and go away!


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