Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Off to Yuma!

Oops we goofed that one up!  I was just looking over the comments on prior days blogs and realized I missed the comment of Jerry and Suzy, that they are in unit 299 at Benson SKP Saguaro RV park.

Often I go back and see if there are any new comments on prior posts, but I didn't see that one until it was too late.  Sorry folks, I hope to meet you when we pass thru again!

We were up by 7 ish this AM and sorted out all the stuff that needs put away on a travel day.  We had parked for three days, and that meant we had three times as much stuff to put away.  I had drained all the nasty tanks the night before, so all we needed was a cursory rinse and the hoses were rolled.  But we did have to back up and connect the utility trailer.

Husbands and wives should never try to connect a trailer together, as it will surely cause marital strife.  Loyce was doing her best to get me to back up just right, but I was not following her hand signals correctly.  So I knocked the trailer off of its blocks and had to re jack the front above the ball.

But eventually we were connected without drawing too much of an audience.  We paid our electric bill ($10.75)  for three days? and hit the road.

We stopped in Tucson, at the RV repair place and purchased the vent cover for the utility trailer, which slowed us by a good half hour.  Its still sitting here in the chair beside me.

We made the turn onto I 8 after purchasing diesel at the Flying J just South of that intersection.  It was $2.61 with the RV card, and was the cheapest since we were in Oky City.  We made about 10 mpg.  That was at almost 70 mph most of the time, which is not too bad.

We arrived here in Yuma, Az at 4:30, having traveled 280 miles.  It was hot out on the desert this afternoon, as we registered above 90 degrees most of the trip.  That would be cool in the summer time but it is November, and still 90.

As we arrived, we had no plans of where to stay.  None.  I had looked at a few blogs of folks that stayed here, but not a one of them had bothered to say the name of the park they were at.  Oh well.  So I called up RV park reviews, in the truck parking lot of the local Love's truck stop.

The reviews of almost all the parks were made by people that were upset with their stay.  So, the park with the least nasty comments was the one we settled on.  We are at the Shangri La RV resort on the Interstate about mile marker 12.  This is mostly a 'park model' park, but has nice long pull thru's in the front of the park for transients.  We are along the frontage road of the interstate, so highway noise is very high.  We may have to run the air conditioner fan to help cover the racket.

We are able to get the motorhome, trailer, and the car inline on the site.  That must make the length over 70 feet.  The width, however, is quite narrow.  It can't be more than 20 feet, but there is no one next to us on the door side, so if it stays that way we will be fine.

We are slated to be in Mesa on Sunday, so we rented 5 days here.  I'm not sure what we will do for the 5 days, but one of them will include going to Mexico.

Neither of us has ever been here before so everything is going to be a new experience.  We will report on that as it goes along.

Retired Rod


  1. We've never been through Yuma, but like you, have heard a lot about it. I'm looking forward to your upcoming posts to see what you think.

  2. HI Rod and Loyce! You have a fellow RV-Dreamer who follows your blog every day that is in Yuma right now. Their names are Phyllis & Bob Staples. She would like you to give them a call if you have the time. Her ph# is 928-342-1366.
    Have a great time! Netters


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