Monday, November 30, 2009

Headed back

Since Neil asked, lets retell the CO LP detector story.  We purchase the MH new, but it is an 08 that was on the lot for a year with the recession.  Right after we took delivery, on the trip home to KC, the detector began to beep. 

I complained heavily, and they sent me a brand new in the package detector.  It took off beeping the minute it had power.  They claimed that they had taken off the plastic from the carpet and it was giving off glue gas and all I had to do was wait and it would stop.

The short story is we are still waiting.  And it is still beeping!  They claimed the beeping was because it was so hot in the MH and that caused the construction gas to be expelled faster.  It is 53 here right now and the heat has not been started for the night, and it beeped when I brought the Pizza Hut box in a few minutes ago.  I guess it thinks pizza smells like CO, or maybe LP.  So now I can turn it off.

We have really had a change in the weather here as of yesterday.  It got really dark this afternoon, and began to rain.  Rain like it does in the Midwest.  It is to be cool for the next several days, but we will not get to see it warm back up.

In the morning we will finish packing the car with our winter clothes, and Loyce's quilt hobby supplies, and head out for KC.  We did this last year also, but went before thanksgiving.  With some luck, we will make a rapid trip back to our sticks and bricks home in the KC area.

Of course I do not really want to go, but the boss lady says we have too...........  These things are more meaningful to her, than to me.  I would go the week of Christmas, and come home the day after.

My smashed finger was throbbing during the night, and this morning I rode the scooter over to the K Mart on the corner to buy a roll of bandage tape.  We used to call it adhesive tape but I couldn't find anything by that name.  The roll that I bought was made by Johnson and Johnson, so it must be about the same.

I taped the finger up into a protective bandage, and that got me thru the day.  Tonight I am typing with the end of the bandage.  That is still sore, but I am coming along. I'll take it off in a few moments, and go to bed without the bandage.  Perhaps tomorrow will not require as much protection.

It will take us a while to get packed out in the morning, but we should be off in the morning.

Retired Rod


  1. We consider ourselves very fortunate in that we were able to put all that Christmas/Birthday/Special Holiday/etc stuff behind us years ago & put ourselves in the driver's seat to do WHAT we want & go WHERE we want WHEN we want:)) I understand yours & many others frustrations in being stuck with old traditions!!

  2. The main reason we are still home and not down in the southwest is because of Christmas. It would be too far for us to travel back home, so we just wait and leave after Christmas. I don't see that changing any time soon either!


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