Saturday, November 7, 2009

Onward to Tularosa, Nm

As I said last night, when the air mattress went down, we haven't seen the last of this.  And yes the mattress went flat in the night again last night.  It has a filler nipple that is fastened to a hose, which goes to a pump.  That is how it controls the air.  The sleep number!

But the pipe will not stay in the mattress.  So I called Tiffin this morning.  While I was driving out of Texas.  They will be shipping a whole new mattress assembly to their Western factory rep in the next few days and I will have to make arrangements to meet him somewhere in Arizona.

But in the meantime, I will have to attempt a repair to get me by.  The Tiffin guy suggested that I glue the spout in the mattress with GE Silicone Seal.  So this afternoon when we stopped for lunch, I glued it together, with the silicone.  I don't hold much faith in this solution, but I am doing as I was told before taking over with the more drastic measures.

So now since I was awake at 5:30 with a flat bed, I stayed up and got most of our stuff ready to go.  Loyce was sleeping on the couch, as I was trying to repair the bed.  But it wouldn't stay together, so we were both up.

We were on the road with complete breakfast before 9 AM.  That never happens, but it did.  We drove West on I 40 out of Texas and into New Mexico.  The flat lands of the Panhandle give way to the rolling hilly scrub brush, and you know you are into NM.

We headed South when we got to Santa Rosa on Hwy 54.  This goes up in altitude to about 7,000 feet but it is fairly gradual.  We drove for what seemed forever, finally making Carrizozo.  The land is quite beautiful but yet desolate.  When you get higher in altitude, the trees become almost all evergreens, but still dwarf trees, after being in the Northwest all summer.

We wore completely out as we arrived in Tularosa, and pulled into the Boot Hill RV Park.  This is where readers Al and Kelly of the Bayfield Bunch stayed when they came thru here last week.  Since they thought favorably of the joint, we will give it the try too.

The lady in the check in process was very nice, and the fellow that led us to our site, would have set up camp for us had we let him.  With the motorhome, we seldom use much of the camp's facilities, so to us it is a gravel parking area with hookups.  We are right along the highway, so the road noise is heavy.

And of course there is the train across the way, but it is farther away than our Oregon KOA experience, where it went in one bedroom window and out the other.

Tonight may be flat mattress time again, but I am going to open the couch just in case before I go to bed.  Loyce's half of the mattress seems to be fine.  So I am the only one with the sagging behiiind.


  1. It's been quite an eventful 2 days. Hope you get some rest soon!

  2. Good MOrning or maybe not... If you didn't sleep well... We had that problem once and call the Sleep by Number people direct.. They sent us overnight some kind of plug that helped it... I don't exactly remeber the problem but thay were so nice to work with and replied very quickly. I want to tell you that going up & down in elevations will also effect your mattress...It will not hurt it but you may find it get harder or softer by itself... We love ours and I hope you get yours fixed soon and enjoy it too...

    Have Fun, Sleep Well & Travel Safely

  3. All that techie stuff you travel with and you get 'laid low' by an air mattress - it figures I guess! I guess you never mentioned Al's name at check-in, otherwise you just might have got the bum's rush out of that RV Park!

  4. Yes I asked if she remembered Al, and she did. Thought his spread on the blog about their park was a good tribute.


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