Saturday, November 28, 2009

Friday is a routine!


Ok you girls win!  No electric beater for the mashed potatoes!

Yes Friday is something of a routine here in Mesa Spirit RV Resort.  Lunch is served in the activity hall, and they call it Country Store.   It is something of a swap meet, as vendors are invited in to set out their wares.  Tables are free for the vendors, and that makes for a regular group of merchants.

Loyce needed a battery in her watch, and I was assigned to get that done.  She had more pressing responsibilities at the stores on Black Friday.  She left early in the morning, and I hung back to read blogs.  I managed to dress and shave in time to get up to the activity hall by the 11:30 time that I had decided upon.

The watch battery was handled by the watch repair guy that comes each week.  He fixes bands and batteries and the occasional winder stem while you wait.  He popped the back, and flipped the little battery out on the table with a sharp instrument.  The new battery was inserted with a tweezers and the back was replaced in a mechanical press.  Tools that I wouldn’t have. Ever!  $5.  Not bad for service to your rec hall, a block away from the RV.

After a hot dog and a box of very nutritional pop corn, I was back home waiting for Loyce.   Well, I don’t wait too well, so I rode over and filled up the gas tank on the scooter.  I’ve used one gallon since we’ve been here.  I rode for a while, circling back to see if Loyce was home on each one mile square away from the park.

Finally she arrived and we decided to go to the flea market.  She needed to return some ear rings, and I needed some small pieces from the tool mart.

You will see by the picture above, that I picked up a potato masher at one of the kitchen tool booths.  And I agree, that the hand masher will work when boondocking, that is if we ever boondock.  Remember Loyce wants to camp in the city.  And certainly not without electricity.  But as Penny reports, the spuds are gummy when beaten with the machine. 

Now about those bangers and mash!  Been a while since I’ve heard that terminology!  I like my sausages and potatoes as well as anyone, but I think my heritage called them bratwurst.  And likely the potatoes were scalloped or au gratin.  Bangers often have onion gravy, that can be tasty no matter your nationality.

Retired Rod


  1. That's a good looking potato masher. We have one just like that in our 5'er - I think we may have bought it at the same place too. The fleamarket in Mesa.

  2. Now you're ready for mashed potatos!


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