Tuesday, November 3, 2009

First Night Out.

It seems like it is way late at night, but perhaps it is just my internal clock which is still on daylight saving time. It should be midnight, but the watch says 10:45.

We are in a RV park called Oasis RV, and it is just inside the the Kansas boarder on I35 North of the Oklahoma state line.  This is a park that we found and stayed at when we were coming back this spring.  It is a grassy field with hookups and gravel roads.
But the hookups work nicely and we have 50 Amps.  But the TV is a little spotty, and I couldn’t get the satellite to lock on due to the heavy overcast .  With the new digital TV, the antenna was not able to keep a signal constantly.  So we lost the World Series game anytime that something important happened.

But we will be long gone before anything really important happens, so its only a minor inconvenience.  At least the wifi works well.  So what else can a fellow ask for.

The Highway is a quarter of a mile away, but is still quite noisy if you concentrate on it.  But perhaps if we ignore it sleeping could be good.

As far as park amenities, it won’t take long to explain, cause they don’t have any.  Except a laundry list of different prices depending on which discount club you belong to.  I used Escapees, for a $25 price.  Good Sam was $30 but Passport America was half price for $17.

On our first night out, we put most everything away, and go thru stuff to see what we have forgotten.  I somehow left the battery to this laptop at home, which is perplexing, but not a disaster, since we should be back before Christmas.  Not like being gone until March.

The rig does have a big inverter, so if I need to run it, I will be using the power brick exclusively.
That’s it from here. All is well, and no disasters today.  Last year we blew a tire on the travel trailer about 25 miles South of here.  Read the story Here.

Retired Rod


  1. I'd rather have good wifi at a park than tv anyway! At least you didn't leave the A/C adapter at home as that would have been a lot worse than the battery!

  2. To bad about the TV but at least you had the computer... and like you said it is only a stop off.... Have Fun & Travel Safely

  3. 10-4 on the wifi being more important than the television for sure!! All's television is anymore is night time daytime soap crap!!!! Bah humbug!!


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