Saturday, November 14, 2009

Standing down in Yuma

We finally saw the sun today.  But the temperatures are much cooler.  We had a high of 73 as registered on our car temp gauge mid afternoon.

We had such a big day yesterday, that we just hung out today. I read the internet and blogs for the morning, and we didn't leave the MH until after noon.  Went quilt store hunting.

We finally found one store, but Loyce wasn't inside more than 10 minutes, as she wasn't interested in what they were doing.  The second place turned out to be someone's private apartment.  Folks have quilting machines at home and do sewing and binding for hire.  They list themselves in order to get business, but there is no distinction between them and a retail store.

So sometimes hunting an address will lead you to a personal residence.

We went to Burger King for a quick lunch and headed for the Arizona Market Place.  Swap meet.

These places are under a common roof but each store is in a tent like structure that is owned by the vendor.

This is the same setup that we found up in Phoenix, ( Mesa) last year.

They call it the Mesa Market Place and the roofs are exactly the same over the vendors tent like structures.  The vendors that I talked to claimed they were not related, but they must have been at one time.  They are exactly alike, and that is more than coincidence.

This place has eight rows of covered shopping tent areas.  Complete with food vendors in permanent buildings.  The parking lot is on at least 40 acres.  It's all blacktop and striped for parking.

We walked for about two hours.  I didn't buy anything, but Loyce had some small items.  It is really a bunch of stuff, that has limited application to the RV lifestyle.  Tools, perhaps, and some RV stores with mats and lawn chairs for sale.  But that is the extent of it.

We came back to the rig and chilled some more.

Tonight I went over and bought a big steak which we split for supper.  A slow day, just the way we like them.

Retired Rod

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  1. Interesting about that swap site. We went to the one in Mesa/Apache Junction too - it was a big place alright. My wife's a big quilter so our truck stops at all quilt stores on our travels too.


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