Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween party and beggars.

I have to admit, that I gave the Hawkeyes up for dead today.  Three fourths thru the game, it was 24 to 7 or some such score, against the Hawks, and I went outside to get more of our packup work completed.

Loyce turned off the TV while I was in the garage, so when I came back wanting to know what the score was now she didn't know.  But since it was so dismal, I went back outside.  Little did I know that during the fourth quarter, they caught fire and routed Indiana, 42 to 24.  They are now 9-0.

We decided to go get the Motorhome out of storage, since our contract is up tonight.  There was some question in the fellows mind if we could leave it there tonight since we didn't pay for November.  Well the way I see it, you pay for the night based on the day before, and leave the next day, but they were having problems understanding that.  So its out front in the street.

My neighbor directly across the street told me that the lady that called the cops on us last year has moved away, so not to be so worried. 

We did have beggars night tonight, and I went to Wal Mart's parking lot with the motorhome for the evening.  All the grandkids were here to go begging in our neighborhood, since they think they get better loot here.  They were soo tired when we tried to have a birthday party for Delaney, that she just began to cry when she was told to blow out the candles.  She is now three.  Seems like she was born yesterday.

I did get to rock the 5 month old  for about an hour during the party, as everyone else was busy with the beggars at the door.  She went right to sleep, and grandpa proved he still had some baby touch.

So the big Halloween party is over, and the motorhome is back in front of the house, and tomorrow we will start up the fridge and move our belongings to the closets.

By Monday, we should be gone.  I hope!

Retired Rod

Remember Clocks fell back an hour during the night!

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  1. That was quite a comeback for Iowa - I wonder if that will move them up higher in the polls? It should since USC lost again! Nice to hear the lady across the street is gone, who needs neighbors like that! Good luck getting on the road tomorrow!


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