Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Shopping and Fixing the Vent

We went to Tucson today to quilt shop hop.  Tucson is 40 miles West of Benson and it takes almost an hour to get into the shopping areas from here. 

We paid our $15 this morning about 11 AM as that was check out time.  So we were crossed off the needs to leave list.

By mid afternoon, we had 89 degrees registered on the dash thermometer.  It was almost hot when I was sitting in the car waiting for the shopaholic!  But you know, only a week ago, I was freezing in KC as it was raining day after day, so it was gorgeous.

As we were leaving, I stopped at an RV parts house to purchase a new vent cover for the utility trailer.  Seems that they are all the same size, 14” square, but they have three different hinges that are popular.  And of course I had no idea which one I had.

So as we came home, I had to unload the trailer and remove the vent to find out the type I had.  The worse of it was I had guessed right which one I had, but chickened out purchasing it since if wrong, I would have to bring it back.

So as we drive back to Tucson tomorrow, we will be stopping back at the RV parts store to purchase the right vent cover.  At least I will have it fixed, and the part is under $20.  The streets around the store are narrow and tight, so driving there will be somewhat of a challenge.

We will head away from Tucson to the North, but will not go to Phoenix.  Since we will be staying there for most of the winter, we hope to go somewhere else first.

Retired Rod


  1. Good that you found a vent cover to replace it... So where do you stay in Phoenix? We will be coming through there sometime in February... Have a super day and enjoy the wonderful weather.

    Travel Safely

  2. Donna, we stay at Mesa Spirit RV Resort, Mesa, Az.




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