Friday, November 27, 2009

A Good Thanksgiving!

We had a good day cooking our small turkey breast.  We set up the roaster about 10 AM and it ran for 2 hours.  I had put a foil tent over the roast for the first hour and a half, and removed it for the last half hour.  This helped keep the meat moist and juicy.

We did the classic bucket of mashed potatoes.  I peeled for about a half hour, but it was really worth it as real potatoes have a lot more flavor.  We did learn that we didn't have any way to mash the potatoes when they were done.  We need to pick up a small electric mixer for the rig.  Never had call for one in the past.  I guess we don't bake much, since I can't have deserts, unless they are sugar free.

We are becoming more proficient with our convection microwave.  Since this is the only oven in the rig, it is not optional that we learn to operate and become successful with this appliance.  It seems that the secret of this is learning the mix of microwave vs convection.  Convection alone tends to brown the outside of your food but is slow to cook thru.  But by adding microwave, the process becomes even faster and cooks right thru the dish.

Today was just green bean casserole which was fairly easy.  It was done in under 20 minutes, with browned cheese on top to boot.  Our meal was good!

We had a beautiful day here on the desert!  Yes we made 30 degrees here!  That would be centigrade!  That's 85 for those that understand fahrenheit.

Since it was so nice, I worked on a new picture of our rig and site here in the Mesa Spirit RV Resort.

The results are at the top of this blog.  The rest of the day was football games and the Dog Show on TV.

We had a good day!

Retired Rod


  1. I haven't used an electric mixer in years - just use a plain old hand masher for potatos. Suits me pretty well because I like to leave some little lumps in them. Also, you can still use it if you don't have electric!

  2. I like your new header - looks great! Glad you both had a nice Thanksgiving - dinner sure sounded good!

  3. Looks like a nice place and great weather!

  4. Being from Blighty, the land of mashed potatoes, I haven't used a mixer for mashed potatoes for years either. It makes them gummy, look that up in a good cookbook. Hand masher works great, but one secret is to add the milk and marg with the heat still on low, to heat the milk before you mash them. Nothing like good old Bangers and Mash!!
    Lovely place there. Thanks. Happy Trails.


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