Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Over 400 miles away!

Isn't it interesting, that we drove 217 miles yesterday, and decided to quit.  Well today, we drove 219 miles and right on que, we quit again. 

This time we are at a KOA that is literally right on the intersection of the Highway.  That would be I 40 and a county road at Elk City.   The CG owner said the frontage road in front of the CG is old Route 66.  He also elaborated that most of the old buildings have been removed.  They were literally falling to pieces, and had to come down.

We stopped about 4 PM, but didn't travel all of the time during the day.  We left sometime around 10 AM but I didn't actually make note of the time as we departed.  Traveling to Oklahoma City was typical interstate stuff with all the big trucks passing by, pushing you hard with their wind vortex.

Isn't it surprising how a truck will suck you back towards it once the front of the vehicle is beyond you?  Perhaps it is that you have to hold into the truck as it approaches so as not to be pushed off the road, and then suddenly the force is gone and you steer yourself against the side of the truck.

I only go about 65, and most of the semis do 70 to 75, so they love to shove me all over the place.  But we don't have to please a dispatcher, like they do, so keeping up with a schedule is not necessary.

As we entered the Northern suburbs of OK City, we passed a really nice Wal-Mart in Edmond.  Some discussion about hanging a Uey and going back ensued on the two way radio.  But then as we approached I 44, I saw the Flying J.  So I headed in for Fuel.

They have an RVer's card, which gets you the cash price with a credit card, and I have had one for several years.  6 cents off today.  We filled up both the car and the coach.  Jumping back on the Interstate, going NORTH!  back to Wal Mart. LOL.

We messed around in the store for about an hour,  picking out assorted goodies.  And a burger from the MickeyD's at the front of the store.

Once back on the road, we headed West toward Amarillo on I 40.  We had a lot of wind from the South and the Interstate was in terrible shape and jarred the coach and everything in it.  It didn't take me long to tire of that experience, so we are here along the Highway at a KOA.

Ya, I know, too expensive and too commercial.  But we are in the trees out back of the main building, and have FHU with 50 amps.  But it is in the 50's so far tonight, and we only have one heater running, and it is thermostatically controlled, so it has been off more than on.

We do have a ton of Highway noise, as we are right along the frontage road.  The satellite TV picked up some of the signal, but again was spotty due to the trees, and there is very little signal with the antenna.  Its over 100 miles back to OK City and 160 to Amarillo.  The park does have cable at the post with about 7 channels, but I never hooked up.

An interesting side note, the Interstate does not have rest stops along Western Oklahoma.  So folks stop at the CG looking for a bathroom.  The owner said they make such a mess of his facilities, that he put a Kybo out along the frontage road.  If your not a guest, the Kybo is all yours! A fellow was at the door as we arrived, and was shown the Kybo, but left in a huff!  No Kybo for him. We were amused.

The wifi is quite strong and requires a code to get thru security, so it is fast too.  So we cooked up some of our Wal Mart groceries for supper and are bundled in for the night. Ah life on the road!

Retired Rod


  1. Good Morning Rod & Loyce... WoW traveling I-40 you must have went right past us in Fort Smith, Ar... To bad you didn't stop at our COE it is so nice... Sounds like our kind of days... NEVER more then 300 and usually less then 150 mile... Where exactly are you headed???

    Have FUN & Travel Safely

  2. You and I would get along fine Rod. You tell it like it is, don't worry about the "right" things to do or the "right" ways to go, just do'em your way and that's got to be good enough! Walmart is back the way we came, so back to walmart we go, and a Mcd's tasty burger to boot. It's amazing how many people disparage those burgers, but some times it can be the best feel good part of the day.

    Keep writing. Travel stories don't have to be glamorous or exciting to be great stories!


  3. I agree, nothing wrong with Mickey D's, we stop there often on the road. Come to think of it, nothing wrong with KOA's either!

  4. Ya, I'm kind of a Mickey D's guy myself. But KOA?? They sure know how to get all the $$$$ out of your wallet real quick!!


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