Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Catching up with pictures, and New Mattresses

I went to Wal Mart today and bought a SD card reader, since the SD slot in the laptop has given up for good.  But that allows me to add the pictures from the last several days.

Welcome sign at Christmas Circle, in the center of the roundabout.


Remember this is in the center of the desert, grass is a flower and must be tended daily.  This little park was surrounded by folks playing on the grass.


The outside of the roundabout is surrounded by mountains.


We could have stayed here for weeks, but it was not in our schedule.

This was our site at the Shangri-La.  We are on every other site.  The space between the motorhomes are numbered and rented when they are full. 

You can see that we have a strip of concrete outside our door.  Well that strip is shared by the rig next to you.  It is six feet wide.  They told us we would have to put our awning back in, so they could pull in another rig.


The rig between the MHs facing us is pulled in the opposite direction.  So you have six feet of concrete with your doors facing each other.  This is for forty dollars a night!  Is it any wonder that I was confused about the price we were being charged?  I couldn’t believe what we were being charged.

Today, I started out with a flat mattress again.  The sleep number bed had again expelled the hose that connects to the pump.  This happened during the night, and I awoke wondering why my back hurt so bad.

Calls to Tifffin, with less than pleasant requests for help, were answered fairly quickly.  Seems that they did in fact have the new air mattresses over in California, but had not called to let us know.  The repair representative was dispatched immediately.  He was in Riverside, and drove thru the day reaching us about 5 PM.  He had to argue to get thru the gate of this RV park as deliveries were over at 5.

The short story is that he installed two new internal air mattresses into the existing bed.  They inflated normally and held air.  We snuck him out the back way of the park as he didn’t want to deal with the gate guy again.

Tonight will be the initial test of the replacements, here’s hoping we have seen the last of this problem.

I spent the afternoon unpacking the trailer.  The motor scooter was unloaded and used to buzz over to Wal-Mart. 

This is the first trip on the bike, since the afternoon I took the hot air balloon pictures back on September 30.  We never had a dry day that was warm enough to ride in Kansas City after September.  It is to be warmer tomorrow! Cool more scooter time!

Retired Rod


  1. We find Borrego Springs to be one of our favorite places & will probably head on over there about mid January. When you drove there from the Salton Sea you would have gone right by where we boondock in the desert about 3 or 4 miles east of Borrego Springs on the right.

  2. The Shangri-La RV Park sounds anything but like it's namesake. I can't believe how they packed you in there - that's ridiculous. I'm sure putting a big red X through that spot. I'm real impressed though with the Tiffen service on your bed! Wow, to drive all that way is pretty impressive - sure hope the air stayed in the mattress.

  3. Is there not another park you would be able to get into and enjoy? Does not sound like Shangri La to me.

  4. I love your mobile home. How many beds as it got. What about showing some images of the inside.

  5. Pictures are available on the July 29, 2009 posting of this blog. This is the pictures of the day we took delivery of the coach. The blogs are filled with this story on the days prior to the posting of the pictures.


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