Sunday, November 22, 2009

Mesa Market Place

We decided to go to the Mesa Market Place today.  Yesterday when I suggested going to the Flea Market, it was already after 1PM and the place begins to close up by 3.  By 4 everything is locked and the vendors leave.

Today we headed out much earlier, so we would have time to do our shopping.  We were there before noon, and shopped for about 2 hours.

You can't tell from the picture, but the booths go for almost a quarter mile under this roof. But that is multiplied by a factor of 4 as there are four rows of these buildings.

I took this picture with the cell phone, and it didn't handle the latitude of light present under the roof.  The bright outside light was way too much.

We usually split up when shopping the flea market, as we have different interests.  I like to walk right along, and Loyce spends more time examining everything in each shop.  I walked almost all four of the building rows, but purchased only a few items.

After that we went to a burger king for some dollar menu cheeseburgers.  They are small, and make a conservative lunch, since we were doing fast food.

Next we went to the quilt store in Chandler that we drove right by two days ago.  Loyce was really not overly interested, but still spent about a half hour in the store.

So to get some equal time, LOL, I stopped at a motorcycle shop on the North side of Chandler.  Probably shouldn't have done that, as they had several Maxi Scooters on hand.  These bikes are 400 to 650 cc sized step thru models.  Really they are motor cycles, with automatic transmissions.  They are heavy and expensive.  Where do I sign up?

But the little scoot that I have is only 8 months old!  100cc ittis.  You know, if only I had 100 cc's more.  But I did really like the Suzuki Bergman.  They made the bike for the German market, and thus the name. 

Retired Rod

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