Thursday, November 12, 2009

Searching around town.

Happy Veterans Day!  or as my Grandmother called it Armistice Day.  She was born in 1880 and WWI was vivid in her mind.  She remembered November 11, 1918 at 11:00 AM when the Armistice was signed.  After WWII, Eisenhower signed a bill that changed the holiday to Veterans Day, but not for her. LOL.

Oh boy, the highway noise!  I 8 never slows down, it lasts all night, and the A/C doesn't cover much of it.  Seems like you don't notice it much during the day as you are busy with other things, but once you go to bed..........

We were out in the morning, installing the vent cover on the utility trailer.  This was really quite simple, as it slides right into the track on the permanent part in the roof.  You take a pair of pliers and bend the tabs at the ends of the slides and its on.  Hooking up the crank arm is a bit more work, as you have to remove the trim ring and the screen in order to take out the screws holding the crank mechanism.  Once loose, it simply slides into the new track.  Then everything is put back in the reverse order.

I had most of the stuff out of the trailer, including the portable power washer, so I hooked it up and power washed the front of the motorhome.  We had 1,600 miles of smashed bugs on the rig.  We had removed some of them back in Amarillo, but you couldn't tell.

By now it was afternoon, but we decided to go up town and get a burger.  When this far West, we like Tioga George, find an In and Out Burger.  That's not on any of our diets but it was good.  They cut the french fries right in the window as you drive by.  The potatoes were smashed thru the cutter with a long press lever and dropped into the hot oil.  My arteries and blood sugars are crying, but it is good.  We shared one order.

For the afternoon we headed out finding the quilt shops in the area, with limited success.  One in the old Downtown area was permanently closed, with a for rent sign in the window.  But we did find one in the older outskirts of town to the South.  Quilt shop hunting with the GPS causes us to drive around most of the area we are new to.  This familiarizes us quickly with our surroundings.

In the process, Loyce discussed another attraction with some of the shop clerks.  There is a swap meet here, like there is in Apache Junction.  So with some feeble directions, we set out to find it.  We ended up South of town near the military ground with big caution signs about unexploded ordinance.  We never found the swap meet.

Later I found an entry in the GPS for a completely different address, but driving to that location netted an empty farm field.  George the GeoSat was emphatic that I should turn into the dirt field.  More research will be needed on this one.

The internet stated that Yuma had 330 days of sunshine, which would leave 35 days of overcast, so as you guessed, today was overcast.  It still made a high temp of 88, so this is a warm place for sure.

It is to be cooler, here for the next several days, but we will have to see what that means.  Perhaps we will go to Mexico tomorrow.  We'll  decide that in the morning.

As the trucks roar by........   Retired Rod


  1. We boondocked a few miles west of Yuma for a couple weeks last winter. Two of those days were rainsoaked & it turned out to be the only rain we saw in nearly 5 months. We did stay in an RV Park for one miserable night there with traffic roaring by about a hundred yards away, big noisy marine helipcopters overhead & hardly enough room between rigs to slip a greased dime through. We did take a liking to Yuma the following year though simply because we didn't have to stay in a jammed up RV Park.

  2. HI Rod and Loyce! You have a fellow RV-Dreamer who follows your blog every day that is in Yuma right now. Their names are Phyllis & Bob Staples. She would like you to give them a call if you have the time. Her ph# is 928-342-1366.
    Have a great time! Netters


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