Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Another nice day.

For once I didn't have anything to fix today.  No parts in the mail system and no computer classes up in the club house area.  It was warm here again as we recorded over 80 degrees on the scooter dash again.

The analog thermometer on our door is always in the afternoon sun which causes it to peg itself at 120 so we can't use it as official here at the coach.

At least today, we didn't turn on the AC in the mid afternoon, since it was only about 80 or so under our awning.  I'm sure the official was in the low 70s but I never checked.

We had ourselves a down day here of just hanging around the park and taking Biscuit for her walks.  She has learned to go up and down the stairs into the motorhome all by herself, so it is not necessary to constantly carry her every time we go out.  But this has some other consequences as well, as we have to be careful that she doesn't just run out the door.

She is now jumping down off of the sofa by herself as well.  But the one bad thing we have her doing, is chewing her nylon bone right off.  This bone is a puppy chew toy, and she is chewing big nasty chunks out of it.  I found her chewing something like she had gum in her mouth, and it was a chunk of this bone.

Since it is inedible, that is not good.  So mid afternoon, I went over to PetsMart and purchased the small dog version of this bone and the puppy version was tossed.  This newer bone is for the aggressive chewer, and is considerably harder nylon.  It is still chicken flavor but much more indestructible.

She isn't as fond of the new one yet, but the old one went out in the outside can, so she is looking all over for it.  Perhaps she will forget the old one and we will move on.

So a slow day here, just the way we like them, and the temps are still almost 80 on our patio,  and we haven't seen a snow drift yet!

Retired Rod


  1. Want snow?? I will be more than happy to send you some --5 degrees here with wind chill factor below zero ---3-4 more inches of snow expected tonight and tomorrow afternoon temps in 40s and rain---I am moving to TEXAS!!!

  2. Get Biscuit a 'bully stick'. She'll be in heaven. Don't ask what it is unless you really want to know. It's great for chewers, though! Bully sticks are totally safe and last quite awhile.

  3. Just be thankful Biscuit is chewing a rubber bone and not your ears!! Or, maybe she does that too. Puppies love to chew and for some reason Rylie loved my ears - maybe she just thought I was a bonehead!!

  4. Sounds like we are having the same issues with our puppies. Rusty chews everything he can get a hold of. Even the wood on the coffee table, so we got him a rope among other things. He likes it, but the squeeze toy that squeaks, is so far his favorite.


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