Sunday, December 19, 2010

Cruisin Phoenix

Ok it got a bit warmer again today, after the sprinkle rain that came while the sun was shining.  The sun was out right from sun up, but the sky was kind of obscured with hazy clouds and then the heavy sprinkles.

But by about 10 AM the sun burned it all off and we had the really nice day that topped out at about 70.  We went on a big driving tour of central Phoenix to find a Doctor's office that I need to go to next week. I have ongoing treatments to attend to, so now I know where to go here.

We drove 45 miles to the West side of town, and never left the city.  Don't ya just love these large cities.  We were on the interstate the entire time, and went around the center of town.  But on the way back we went right thru the downtown area, and came upon a wreck.

Somehow two cars got tangled up at freeway speed and one of them was on its top, laying on the hood and windshield.  This brought back memories of our rollover from two years ago.  The driver was out of the car, and the first responders had him on a back board, but he was moving all around and seemed fairly unhurt.  But I know from experience that he will be a mighty sore camper in the morning.

We headed up North to one of Loyce's favorite quilt shops Quiltz!  She didn't know exactly where we were going at first, but as we got closer, she guessed where I was heading.  I usually wouldn't do anything like that, but you know its Christmas and all!

Finally we headed to a Fuddruckers that was over in North Phoenix, only to find that it was non existent.  The next one I dialed in on the GPS was in Scottsdale, and was closed.  Permanently!  Oh Oh, my Fudds isn't too popular any more!  I think that $9 for a burger and fries is just more than the market will bear.  About double a McD's.  But it is fresh and on fresh baked bread!

So we drove back to Mesa, where I knew the local Fudds was still in operation.  And I had a Fudds burger for the first time since we left the Az valley last spring.  No wait, I think we had at least one in KC before they rolled up shop, but for sure that was the last time.

So we got back here almost after dark, and tonight we have been talking to a friend back in Des Moines on the Skype phone.  Man that is the best deal to talk to your friends for free!

Later tonight, I ordered a watch from Invicta on what they call the Sunday Run.  When it was midnight in Florida, where the company is based, they allow a special deal order on one of their watches that they are overstocked on.  For less than half of the price they go for  normally.  I was sitting here just waiting for it to be midnight eastern!

And just like that the day is gone.  Another one in the books!  Its amazing how fast our time goes by here when it is nice outside!  Loyce was freezing me out this afternoon with the AC in the car. But it is supposed to get cooler thru the end of the year.  Sometime in Mid January though it will warm up and not look back.  Last year we got a lot of rain in the first couple of weeks of the new year, so we have that to look forward to.

Looks like I had better get my fill of Fuddruckers, since the places are dropping like flies!  It is an older restaurant chain, and perhaps they have run their course.

Retired Rod


  1. I had never heard of this Hamburger place. They have What-a-Burgers all over down here in Texas. They sound good though, on that fresh bread...

  2. You sure have a lot more patience & perserverence than I do to drive clean across a large city several times in search of a burg & fries. What a great weight loss program that would be for me because I would simply starve myself before doing that. In my little world, large cities are to be totally avoided at all costs!!The first McDonalds I come across is always good enough for me. Guess I'm just not much of a food connoisseur eh:))

  3. Fuddrucker's left here quite a few years ago and never returned. I liked their burgers and was unhappy to see them close up shop. Stopping at a quilt shop is always a great way to get in the 'good books'!


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