Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Nice Days?

Our nice days seem to have gone the way of winter.  We woke to overcast, and it threatened rain all morning.  I read on blogs that folks over in California had torrential amounts of rain.  All time records!  That's OK just keep all that over there.

But the forecast is for us to get the moisture in the coming day or so.  More than an inch, and that is a lot for here in the desert.  So I need to get out my rain gear.

The big excitement here this morning was that two new park models were brought in for the sales row behind us.  We now have a total of eight new homes, but one of them has a sold sign in its window and is locked.

They are parked two to a lot, with very little space between them, so it was really interesting to see the truck driver jockey the three axle trailers into the tight spaces.  They use a really short one axle tote truck to haul them.  It is a diesel, that is not quite a semi, but close.  They are bigger than a medium duty truck and designed specifically for the mobile home industry.

I am not sure what these trailers weigh, but it must be significantly more than our RV's, because the tires are really crushed, even though they have three axles.  Like house trailers, they are set up on blocks, and in some cases the tires are removed to make the floors closer to the ground.  Once skirted, they seem quite permanent!

It is this permanence that we have trouble with.  May as well go ahead and purchase a sticks and bricks type of home.  I made this comment this morning, but the park man quite informed me that the park model is a lifestyle choice.  In other words there would be no activities and senior friends in a private home!

We are not very involved in the park activities, and usually do not spend much time with other folks at these parks either.  Loyce talks to all the ladies at the laundry, but that is about it.

So now that it is dark, and the rain has begun, it seems cold.  Its still in the early 60s, but they expect lows in the high 30s the next several nights.  Yep, its winter here on the desert.  Still no snow, no wind, and no shoveling.  Must suit Biscuit, as she is asleep at my feet here in the recliner!

Retired Rod

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  1. You seem to be doing a whole lot better than southern California weather wise. Folks in Desert Hot Springs are getting washed away!!

    I agree with you on the park activities too. Most of the folks I meet are at the dog park. Other than the occasional pancake breakfast, I avoid most other park activities the same as you and Loyce.


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