Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Broken Ice maker.

Even though I pumped the pink stuff all thru the water system, and took the lines off of the fridge and tried to blow them out for the ice maker, we have a casualty!  When I turned the water back on, the plastic part of the valve body did not hold water!

Today, since it was sunny and nicely warm, I went out and attacked the back side of the fridge!  It has all these little screws and stuff, but eventually I got the valve off of the unit.  And yes the housing has a bundle of cracks in it.

So I thought for a while as to where I wanted to try and source the part.  I am sure it is available here locally somewhere, and I even looked up the Dometic brand in the yellow pages.  But that got me a bunch of local RV dealers, none of which sell the Tiffin brand.

So I opted to call Red Bay and see what they thought about the deal.  I asked for parts, and the fellow wanted to know the motorhome model, and the fridge model.  Then he asked if there were numbers on the part.  After he asked if I had it off yet.

He said let me do some research on some fridges we got in stock and I'll call you back when I know what to do.

In about 30 minutes the phone rang and he said he had just what it takes and would drop it into the mail yet today.  Price was under $50 shipped.  He copied the address and credit card info and thanked me for my business.  You just have to love the folks in Red Bay Al!  They want to be your RV company in the worst way, and if they don't, they won't work there for very long!

Of course it remains to be seen what parts I will get in the mail, but the fellow told me the numbers on the new valve matched the numbers on mine!  That sounds promising!

Otherwise we just hung out in the sun today.  Loyce had her sewing machine out and walked around the park for almost endless numbers of miles.  She even took Biscuit with her both this morning and tonight.  The walk tonight only served to wake her up more, as she went into her run all over the place in circles mode.

She ran back to the bedroom under the bed, and then up to the drivers seat.  Then back to the bed room.  Over and over.  I was tired just watching.  Now she is in her crate whining to be let back out.

But Loyce went to bed, and I am under strict orders to not mess with her.  Maybe after momma goes to sleep!!!  That could stir up some trouble alright!

Retired Rod


  1. Be glad biscuit isn't a one hundred pound lab male who at two doesn't realize he's not a cuddly lap dog any more, you can change that to the thunder of little feet now. Glad to see you are warm, and relaxing, let that surgery heal somemore, ( read milk it). Be safe out there, Sam & Donna..

  2. Don't worry about us getting a cajun accent as soon as we say Po' Boy to someone here they always ask us where we are from lol. I love puppies but they are alot of work, Biscuit is so cute though.

    Take Care
    Brenda Brown

  3. I know the feeling, although Meg and I start the day with a 3+ mile walk and put on more miles throughout the day she is never tired, and she is 8!.

    Remember those Cajun's are the original Canadian snowbirds who refused to migrate back to the land of snow and ice, maybe they just outlasted immigration.

  4. Good luck with your part. We bought one last year and we never have been able to get the ice maker to work again. Thought about having it done, but the guy wanted $100.00 just to come to the RV, and another hour at $108.00 an hour. So we bought a protable ice maker for the counter. Works like a charm. And, there is always ice trays.

  5. You just may have another little Rylie on your hands there with Biscuit! Rylie still runs around like crazy in the evening, back and forth, round and round, never stops it seems until it's bedtime. Biscuit sounds like she's pretty happy - except for the crate sometimes!

    Hope that part for the icemaker works. At least the Red Bay guys listened and are doing their best to help you out.

  6. sounds like Biscuit wasn't quite ready for bedtime yet..needed to do a few more laps around the motorhome!!


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