Sunday, December 12, 2010

Mattress arrives.

Its here!  The new mattress that is.  It arrived right on schedule about 10 minutes after 4 PM when the furniture man closed up his booth in the swap meet.  He keeps his inventory of new mattresses in the back of his Isuzu furniture truck.

It appears that he drives that back and forth to where ever home is here in the valley. So he just stopped by on his way home.  But he had his friend Don with him to help, as Loyce had informed him that I was not to lift anything because of the surgery.  And that discussion must have taken place when I wasn't with them because they wouldn't let me do a thing.

This morning, as I was getting up for the day, I put the air controls on 5 with me laying on the bed and a lot of the air was released.  You unzip the mattress topper and the inards of the bed are at your finger tips.  After unhooking the air lines, and removing the foam rubber side bolsters it was a matter of squeezing the rest of the air out and rolling up the rest.  It is all out in the utility trailer now, and the air pump has been unplugged from under the bed.  I didn't try to uninstall the corded controls, but rather just fed the extra wires underneath the compartment where the pump is stored.

We were ready for the delivery well before noon, and the guy wasn't to come until 4.

It was 73 here this afternoon according to the thermometer on the car dash and the sun was on the windshield of the motorhome which almost drives you out of the house.  We had all the windows open and the fantastic fans going in both the front and back.

After the furniture folks removed the plastic wrap and placed the new mattress on the bed box, they asked if that was all they needed to do?  Well yes that was all.  We stood and talked a while, and Biscuit had to jump up at them and try and lick them to death.  We grabbed her and just like that it was all over.

We have a 1 1/2 inch memory foam mattress topper, but for now we put it under the mattress, so we can see if it will be needed.  The new mattress has quite the pillow top, and perhaps that will be just fine.  Time will tell.

Oh, and I started up the motor of the motorhome and closed the back slides to see if the new addition bound up the slide closing somehow, and I was relieved to find that all worked fine.

It isn't often that something goes as planned without a hitch of some kind.  But this only required the strenuous action of getting the credit card out of my wallet!  Oh but the pain of that.

Retired Rod


  1. Let us know how your mattress works out. We have one of those Select Air beds also and I know Brenda finds it less than satisfactory.

  2. Can't wait to hear how the new mattress feels. :) I hope it is VERY comfortable and you and Loyce get a great night's sleep!!

  3. Getting decent sleep is so important, and I hope this works for you.

    Interestingly, I found that the mattress in my truck camper is far superior to the one in my 5th wheel.

  4. I'll be looking forward to hearing how your first night's sleep went on the new mattress.

    It sure is nice being able to watch others haul all that heavy furniture around and the pros do it so easily.

  5. Hope the new matress is all that you need. I am another person that thinks without good rest, you aren't worth a plug nichel.


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