Monday, December 6, 2010

Cleaning up inside!

Along with cleaning up the outside of the rig comes the inevitable inside cleaning.  I never think we are so dirty, but Loyce goes into the cleanup mode, and that's my signal to get scarce on outside jobs!  Since I was outside all day yesterday, I missed the big cleanup.

But today it was laundry day which is the second half of the big cleanup.  Since we have not stayed here before, it was a big test to see if Loyce liked the laundry.  A disappointing laundry is a deal breaker for Loyce.  We may as well just move on to the next park if the laundry is dirty.  So I kind of held my breath.  There are three outlying bathhouses as well as the main building here, and each has its own laundry.

I checked out our closest laundry yesterday and found that we have 16 washers and a like number of dryers.  And best of all they are only a dollar wash and fifty cents dry.  The place was nicely clean, including the inside of the washers.  Loyce spent much of the day at the laundry or driving back and forth as she claims the dryers run and run.  Don't ya just hate having to sit there and feed quarters into the dryers only to find they don't dry too well.

Here we are parked in a row with not many folks around us

So the day drug on, which let me head out on the scooter looking for some quarters.  Even Wal Mart wouldn't give me more than $3 worth.  I filled the motorscooter with gas and paid cash in order to ask the attendant for the change in quarters and only got a dollar more.

But with four dollars more, we got the job done.

I found out that the motorcycle group here in the park leaves on Sunday morning for a ride around 11 AM.  I went by and found out that they go all day.  Since I am still really tender inside as I ride, and Loyce was at the laundry, I passed on this weeks ride.  Maybe next week I will be able to go longer, but we will just have to see about that.

I should have explained my surgery to the ride leader, but they were ready to head them on out so I just told them I would be better planned out next week.

For Biscuit fans, I realize that it has been a few weeks since we have posted some Biscuit pictures.  She was luck enough to draw attention to how dirty see was this afternoon as well, and Loyce made her go thru the shower.  Our shower head is on a hose, so the shower floor is perfect as a dog wash!

So after the hair dryer treatment, which she doesn't like one bit, I took a couple of pictures.

                      I kind of look like a lady on a bad hair day!  It was just washed and I can't do anything with it.

                                      Why are you taking my picture again?

Our little girl is growing up quite quickly, as she is now about double the size she was four weeks ago when we bought her.  She is now adjusted to life in the RV, as she is sleeping mostly until morning.  She was awake about 7 AM this morning, but after going outside, she was back in her crate dozing with the door open.

I must admit that I took her for a walk this morning and the blacktop streets seem to get her really dirty.  She will need a haircut in the near future, but Loyce wants her to stay as puppy like as she can for a while.  But it is only a matter of time.


  1. Biscuit sure is cute. You better get her use to going to a groomer while shes young or you will have your hands full when she get older.

    Abbey was a nervous wreck. She's about four years old.

    Travel Safe

  2. Sounds like you had better make a little ride over to a bank now that the weekend is over. I see several rolls of quarters in your future! ;)

  3. Biscuit is a cutie that is for sure!!..I love laundry day!!!

  4. I know what you mean about 'cleaning' day. When Paulette starts that, it's time to get lost for me. You seem to have quite a bit of room at your RV site.

    Biscuit's looking as cute as ever. I noticed she has grown quite a bit as well. It's nice that she seems to have become accustomed to her crate and likes it. She will grow to love those walks around the park and it will soon become the highlight of her day.

  5. What a cute little Biscuit you have there. I bet she keeps you both hopping.


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