Friday, December 17, 2010

Bad Weather!

Well relatively bad anyway.  It was a lot colder and by noon we had rain.  Ya, rain in the desert!  At first it was just overcast and the Country Store was set up as usual.  The outside stuff was all around the pool, and the parking lot folks had all their tables set up.  Even the ones that weren't under a rain fly.

I went up about 11, and wandered around.  As usual, my major purchase was a sack of popcorn for 50 cents.  I looked over the outside stuff and went to the ballroom.  A lot of the function is just talking to the other folks.  Mostly the customers, but sometimes the vendors too.

But as I was inside, the rain began to spit from the sky outside.  Vendors were scrambling with tarps and plastic to cover stuff up.  Since the whole thing is over at 1 PM anyway, folks were scrambling to shut it down.

I had ridden the scooter up to the far parking lot, so I decided to head back home.  My popcorn was gone, and I wasn't going to eat lunch anyway.  Once back at the coach, I put the cover on the scoot and left it under the awning to boot.  The rain came in earnest.

Meanwhile Loyce was over at the local Vet here in East Mesa with Biscuit.  She needed the next of her series in puppy shots, and of course they don't do the series the same way that they do them in Kansas.  So some of what was already done, they don't do, and others that they don't do in Kansas, they really want done here.

So what are you going to do?  We drop back and get the shots that the Mesa Vet thinks are necessary, and then to boot, she diagnosed an infection in one of Biscuits ears.  That of course requires even more medicine.  It was over $200 to get out of the Vets office!  Ouch!  That's worse than if you took in one of your kids.

The worst of it, is that she will need to go back in another couple of weeks.  But also because she had to go see the Vet, she got a complete bath this morning and completely dried with the hair dryer and brushed with the slicker brush.  She was looking high style when she headed out.

Of course the rain was messing that up rather quickly once she returned.

So tonight it is in the 50s with a low forecast in the low 40s, which is more normal for these days in December.  We had to start the heat  around supper time.  We are still using a couple of electric heaters, and so far haven't needed to fire up the LP gas forced air monsters.

I do also have a blue flame style catalytic heater out in the trailer. And in many ways it is nicer than the forced air, but we both do not feel that we can use it with Biscuit on board.  For two reasons, one it depletes the oxygen in the air inside the coach, and secondly and more seriously since she is a puppy, she could easily upset it or start her tail on fire or who knows what else.  So lets not burn the RV down!

It finally quit raining after we ate tonight, but the weather guy thinks that a second front will come thru again tomorrow, so we are not out of the woods until Saturday.  Even then it will take a couple of days to warm back up to normal.  Normal being somewhere around 70 as a daily high temp.

Retired Rod


  1. We're trying to figure out which heat to use as well. We have cats so the blue flame isn't a good choice for us either. It shouldn't be such a concern since we're in Florida, but it's been very cold!

  2. Those vet bills are always shocking to us, but what can you do? Our pups could be feeling terrific but they can't tell us, so whatever the vet says goes!

    A little rain in the desert just makes it all the nicer once the sunshine returns - as it always does!

  3. Everyone is getting rain, but us down here in Texas. I hadn't thought about Rusty getting his tail burned, but now that you mention it, I will have to watch him around our electric heater a little more carefully.

  4. We always think it costs $100 to cross the threshold of the vet's clinic door! However, we love our little creatures. We were in Quartzsite yesterday, and they also had rain - a waitress thought the last time they had a good rain was last spring!


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