Sunday, December 5, 2010

Cleaning things up!

Blogger is up to its old tricks not posting scheduled posts!  And it did say scheduled, and not draft, so I do not know why it doesn't post at times. So I will post this now.

I'm a tired fellow tonight, as I started to wash the windshield of the motorhome this morning with a bucket of warm water and soap.  Our Diamond Shield bug protection film on the front of the rig requires that bug be washed off of it fairly quickly.  It seems that the liquids in squashed bug remains if very harmful to the vinyl in the Diamond Shield product.

So that started the process of washing the motorhome.  Slowly I proceeded to wash the three months of grime from the exterior of the coach.  While it hadn't been driven in the rain, the weather had deposited the grime that creates the black streaks on white coaches.  On dark colors, it is the brown streaks.  The grime runs down the sides.

Due to neuropathy from diabetes, I do not feel stable enough to get up on top of the coach and wash the roof.  So because it always remains dirty, a rain will cause the mess up on top to run down the side. Perhaps I will have to have some of the professionals here in the park do the job right one of these days.

Much later in the day, I did unload the motorscooter from the utility trailer and ride it around the RV park.  We have 1800 spaces here and the roads are a small city, so riding along at the 15 mph speed limit was kind of fun after so many weeks of a layup.

So our day here was getting settled into our site and setting up housekeeping that will not need to be packed away in a day or two in order to leave for another distant campground.  It is much different type of RVing when you are sitting still for longer periods of time.

Of course the water here in Arizona causes nasty white water spots and streaks as it dries.  The rig is clean, but looks nasty with the water spotting.  So it is now necessary to clean the water spots off with a polishing solution.  Or a dry wash product.  But that will have to come over time, since I am not up to polishing this entire rig in a single day again.

Retired Rod


  1. I am no longer up to even cleaning my truck, and I think I'm going to have it done from now on. I am going to go back to CA with tons of Arizona dust!

  2. Well Rod you need the "Solution" To clean your rig. It is a dry spray and it is amazing. I use it for everything including windows, mirrors, stainless steel. Loyce would love it as well.

    Have fun
    Brenda Brown

  3. Now you've reminded me that I need to clean the bugs off the front of my rig! On second thought, I think I'll wait until it warms up a bit. :)

  4. You must be feeling so much better to be able to wash the rig and go for a ride on your scooter - that's great. I washed our 5'er last week, so I know what a big job it is and how tired you must have been last night.

    Time to relax and take a day off!

  5. Please don't get up on the roof. In our RV park a man fell off the roof and died, another fell off and broke his pelvis, another fell off and hit his head. It's just not worth the chance - leave it for someone young and healthy.

  6. I think a day off is in order..that and a phone call for the professionals to come and give the rig a good scrubbin!!..

  7. Biscuit looks so lovely.

    If you have a 'slicker' dog brush, and brush-dry her with the dryer, she will look like the fluffy princess she is.

    You must be feeling better to try to do all that. That is great.

    Happy Trails, Penny, TX.


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