Saturday, December 18, 2010

Laundry day and Friday night drive

I waited all day long for it to get over 60 degrees, and it finally made it at 4:30 just before the sun was going down.  We got to 61 on the car dash thermometer.  I never even looked at the official temp, I didn't want to be disappointed.  I know it was way warmer than back in Kansas, or at least I hope so.

It didn't rain any more after the middle of the night, but the cool temps kept everything wet and overcast all morning long.

We talked about the swap meet for a while this morning but decided that the laundry needed to be washed instead.  Loyce doesn't let me anywhere near her laundry, so I hung back here and sat with Biscuit.  Or was it played with Biscuit?

Much later in the day we headed out to Wal Mart for our daily trip.  Well it seems like we go everyday any way.  And as usual, we headed out on our early evening after dark drive about.  Tonight we went out to the South of Gilbert and Chandler, where we purchased our Toyota two years ago.  We drove thru the parking lot and half a dozen hungry salesmen came lurching forward closing in on the prey.  Us!  We didn't stop!  We drove over into the Honda dealer next door.

Now they let us drive around for a little longer, but then they came out on a golf cart, and tried to box us in, so we had to talk to them.  Didn't work, as I lurched forward headed for the exit drive.  Just didn't feel like dealing with a car salesman.

From there we went to the San Tan Mall and drove around.  We stopped for some chicken pieces at Wendy's, but otherwise decided not to go to any stores.

Once we were back here at the motorhome, we had to turn the heat back on, as it became quite cool inside after the sun was gone.  It reminds us that it is still winter here on the desert!

The sun was out in the afternoon, and tomorrow it is supposed to warm up some, and perhaps I will be able to ride the scooter again.  Ya, I was a weenie today and only rode it to the bathroom a couple of times!

Retired Rod


  1. At 61 degree's I would be back in short sleeves, It was about 20 yesterday here in Dardenne Prairie, just got done with two days of icy roads, the driveway was like a skating rink because I ran out of salt, I buy it 500lbs at a time because the drive is so long that's about 12 bags.Your picture looks warm of your site. be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  2. Haha - yeah - ONLY 61!! I feel for you! ;) I think we had a high somewhere in the high 20s and it's 25 degrees right now. Want to trade places? LOL

  3. You're not getting a whole lot of sympathy for your 'only 61' temperature there, Rod! We leave in for Palm Springs in just 11 more days so I'm hoping that we'll get some warm desert air and sunshine in January! Good thing you've got Biscuit to keep you company these days!


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