Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Iowa and the Bowl game over in Tempe!

Now what?  We just finished watching the Iowa Hawkeyes pull out a squeaker of a game over the 12th ranked Missouri Tigers.  With a very questionable call against Missouri in the final minutes of the game.  A player caught the ball on the sidelines, but it was under him and he evidentially dribbled it against the ground as he was sliding out of bounds.

The on the field call was overturned and the ball went back to the Hawkeyes.  Since Iowa was ahead at the time, and the clock was about 2 minutes, they ran the clock out to win.  I just hate it when the refs end up having to make a call that decides the outcome of the game.  The teams were very evenly matched and it could have been a win for either team. Phew!  Iowa gets the W!

But I also feel sorry for the Mizzou fans and team.  They had control of the ball and the field for much of the game.  But then they threw the pick 6 at the end that let Iowa back into it.

Enough of that, but my heart is still racing!  Today it was really cool here, as we were barely in the mid 60s.  But mid afternoon, I went out and decided to ride the scooter.  I had my winter gloves on and the liner in the motorcycle jacket.  Still the wind seemed to go right thru.  But I went to the West and hunted for another Wal Mart on Greenfield road, that we used last year some.  It sets way back off the road, but I found it.  We have WalMarts in every direction from here so I'm not too sure what difference it makes.

But as the sun got lower in the sky, I scooted for home.  The night air cools off really fast, so I don't stay out after dark.  We are to have a high of 57 tomorrow, and 52 on Thursday.  So the motorscooter will be parked for those days.   At night they are calling for below freezing, in the really low 20s so we will have to roll up the hoses for the next several nights.

But they have taken the word SNOW out of the forecast, which is quite alright with me!

Retired Rod


  1. Highs in the 50s and 60s - I'm feeling your pain!! really! ;) LOL

  2. It always had to be pushing 80* before I would get on the motor cycle with Donnie. We still miss riding, but after his stroke it is not a good idea. Stay safe.

  3. The weather seems pretty nasty everywhere right now. It sure looks bad down where we headed to in So. California. Hopefully, it will get better in the next 8 or 9 days.


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