Friday, December 24, 2010

Pre Christmas Shopping.

First off, we did not have any damage on the automatic awning.  At least it opened normally and has stood open ever since.

Everything was drippy and wet and the temps were in the basement for here in Phoenix this morning.  But by about 9 AM it began to warm up some.  Now some is only to about 60 even late in the afternoon. With full sun, it never did force me to take off my jacket.

Now compared to back in the center of the country, we were at least 20 or more degrees warmer, but we get so spoiled here.  It is supposed to warm up into the 70s for Christmas, but Loyce says she is not at all in the Christmas spirit, because she has never been anywhere warm  at Christmas before.

But with that as an attitude, we headed out in the car to do some of her errands today.  She is totally worried that Wal Mart is closed on Saturday and we won't have something we cannot get along without.  So I am playing along and we are going to the stores.

In the process, we went to K Mart, where she has most of her prescriptions filled.  This is always a big problem for all RVers this filling prescriptions on the road.  I do mine mail order, and they come to KC where my sons forward them to where I am now.  And Loyce has the prescriptions transferred to the local store.  This takes a few days to get done, but we have never gone without pills totally.

So while she was dealing with the pharmacist, I was over in the doggy aisle checking out the pet carriers.  The little one was only big enough to carry a cat or a chihuahua, so it was out.  But the next biggest one looked OK, so for 29.95 I bought it.

Once we went to the next store, I was out in the car putting it together.   It only had three pieces.  The top, bottom, and the door.  And of course I put the door in backwards and couldn't get to the latch mechanism.  There are little keepers that slip into oblong holes in the two plastic parts that hold the thing together, and I only lost one down into the car seat never to be seen again.

Meanwhile Biscuit is totally scared of the thing and bolts into the backseat where all the junk is, laying on top of the various bags and packages.  So to make a long story short, I emptied the seat and put the carrier on it.  I strapped it down with the seat belts,and put the door toward the center.  After I took it back out and turned it over.  Feeling quite dumb.

After putting her blanket and a soft pillow inside, she kind of reluctantly got shoved inside.  But as we drove to the next stop, she didn't cry or whine a bit.  She just went to sleep.  Success!!!!!

So now we have a safe place to leave her when she is in the car.  With our other dog, we would often leave the car and AC running for the dog if it was hot outside, as we never would leave the car closed up with her in it.

Even in the hottest weather, the Toyota never seems to overheat with the AC running, something we watched rather carefully at first.  So we have a crate in the motorhome, and a carrier in the car.  And a soft bed when she is in neither place.  This dog is the most pampered mutt in the world!!!

But she is not sleeping with us!  Had to put the brakes on that one.

If I do not see you before Christmas on some of these blogs,  Please  have a


Retired Rod and Loyce


  1. I don't know what the sleeping arrangements were while I was gone but Rigg's knows that he can visit on top of the bed when we are in the bedroom, but sleeping is on his bed and he is unceremoniously removed if he lingers when it is time for us to climb under the covers.Glad to see you are making arrangement's for Biscuit's travel arrangement's , sounds like a totally safe arrangement to me.Hope your ready for the big day. Merry Christmas. Sam & Donna...

  2. Kelly had a hard time putting my crate together as well simply because of it's size. She even hung a sign on the door...Cursmudgeon. She prefers I stay in my crate whenever we have company!! Awwww, tis quite a life I lead here:)) You guys have yourselves a great Christmas holiday & remember, extra treats for Bisquit......

  3. Holiday greetings to you all, as well. :)

  4. Glad to see Biscuit's getting you straightened out on her travel requirements!! Have a great Christmas and enjoy the warm weather.

  5. We have thought about getting Rusty a carrier for the truck, and you have just made up our minds. You have a very Merry Christmas too.


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