Sunday, December 26, 2010

The postmortem of Christmas!

Christmas eve, I decided to head on out on the scooter.  It was almost 70 degrees and the sun was overhead.  Christmas shoppers were everywhere, so I headed out South to get out of town as fast as possible.

But getting out of the traffic here is mostly impossible, even on days that are not busy.  But Christmas eve?  Well anyway I was enjoying myself and traffic was running about 50, so it really didn't matter much.  

The thing is, that after about 8 miles, you come into the next community, Queen Creek.  And all the shoppers were out in force down there too.  I steered clear of the shopping mall, and went to a Olive farm that we went to a couple of years ago with Larry and Jean our friends from Iowa.

But, it was Christmas eve and the place had already closed down.  I was amazed that I even found the place as we haven't been there in a long time.  On the way back, I stopped and shopped at the Wal Mart that is on the outskirts of Queen Creek.  You know, picking up the stuff that I can never remember to tell Loyce that I want, unless I see it in the store.  The place was swamped, but not impossible like the one closer to our park would have been.  I was only about 5 shoppers back in the checkout line.  Thats how I gage the business of a store, how many folks are in front of me to check out?

So then the ride back home was as the sun sank into the West.  A nice day though.  Any day on the bike, is a good day!

Now today, we seemed to be on Skype and the cell phone for a lot of the day as we communicated with all our friends and relatives in other locations.  Tonight we were on Skype, as the Grandkids back in KC opened their gifts, that was special!

So Christmas is in the books, and we didn't shovel a flake of snow.  But of course it only flurried back in KC yesterday and it didn't even stick to the ground.  A much different outcome than last years nasty snow storm that we had to dig our way out of.  That is kind of Murphy's law, since we are out here and not back home.

We thought about participating with the park Christmas dinner here, but since I can't really eat very much yet without becoming sick from the GERD and the resection, this year anyway it just isn't in the cards. Also Loyce is on a strict diet to lose weight, and she didn't want to break that either.

We knew it wasn't going to be an exciting holiday, and that was an understatement, so maybe next year we will be able to leave earlier in the fall and go back home for Christmas.  Every year is going to be different!

Retired Rod


  1. Sounds like you had a great Christmas Eve & Christmas, I guess KC was lucky as we have about 3 inches on the ground here in Dardenne Prairie just enough to be really pretty and not a nuisance the highways are all clear so you can get around but the yards and houses still have that Christmas village look.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna

  2. "Every year is going to be different!"
    At this age & stage of the game that is my idea of Christmas now. Somewhere different each year.

  3. Riding around in 70+ degree weather on your mc sounds like a pretty good Christmas to me. It'll be nice now to get back to some semblance of 'normal' around here!!

  4. Our Christmas was very similar to yours, and we kind of enjoyed it. Everyone we talked to had snow though. We are just glad we don't have to drive in the stuff anymore. Stay safe.


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