Thursday, December 9, 2010

Nosey at the old park

Last night, we were out driving around for a while as we often do after dark has fallen.  I'm not sure why we do that, but I think our excuse was to go get some supper.

After going to the office supply place and getting one of the gate passes laminated so I can use it in the motor scooter without wadding it up completely, we headed West back into our old  parks area.  I kind of gravitate that way, as I am more familiar with the fast food joints that way.

But as we passed the front gate of Mesa Spirit RV Resort, our curiosity, or just plain noseyness got the better of us.  They have a gate guard until 11 PM so we couldn't just drive right in.  No pass!  So I went around to the back gate and sure enough just as I was approaching, a car from the on coming traffic turned and entered with an electronic gate pass.  We just followed him like we owned the place since there is no actual guard at this gate.

As we drove around, we noticed right away, that the attendance is down even more than last year.  The folks with park models are still there, and even more of the really old trailers have been removed.  By really old, I mean the ones from the 60s.  The old narrow ones with the tip outs that the couch sat in.  They have been notifying folks for years that these old units have to go.

Now, they keep track if they are occupied, and if not they have to be removed.  So you don't have to sell to be told to remove the old rig, just fail to come and live in it for a couple of years and your gone!  But many of the really oldest ones are being lived in by the less fortunate folks that occupy them full time year round.

The winter crowd is not there yet.  Or lets hope they aren't, or the park will fail to support itself.  Maybe we will sneak in again in the height of the season to see a few friends and report then.  

To our total amazement, the two rows in the very back of the park where it used to be a storage area, which have been remodeled with new concrete pads and deep and wider sites, is about two thirds full right now.  It is mostly new fifth wheels and motorhomes.  I'm sure that part of the park will be completely full again this year.  But it is only about 150 sites, and not enough to carry the whole place.  But still, if they had the money to completely remodel the sizes of the older sites, I'm sure they could do much better.  We both agreed again that our decision not to return even thou we have made some friends there was for the best.

Today here we again hung out during the morning, and I headed out in the afternoon on the scooter.  I spent about 2 hours going to various places including Wendy's for lunch.  I did much better being strong enough to not get tired as quickly and hurt up the front.  This is a positive sign!

Biscuit is again in her "Ramrod mode"  running around the motor home at full tilt.  She was in her crate for a while this afternoon as we were both gone for about an hour, and her drink water bottle began to leak.  It soaked her bed with about a cup of water, so she was a very unhappy camper when I came home.  So she got another training session with the hair dryer again tonight.

She really hates the thing, but she was cold from being wet, and the dryer was warm, so I think maybe its not as bad as the wind and noise from it would lead her to believe.  I can only hope she doesn't associate the wet with being in her crate.  We have worked so hard making her crate seem like her den and place of safety.  Perhaps that water bottle needs to be tossed!

She does try to be a good dog, and is so lovable, that we would never let anything deter us, in our quest to train her.  But remember we are her pack leaders!

Retired Rod


  1. Sounds like you and Loyce are doing a great job with Biscuit. Puppies are more work than kittens I think. The most I remember from when Ariel was small was that I had to keep plucking her off things she was climbing that she wasn't supposed to be climbing! Then finally she learned what she could and couldn't climb (for the most part). Sometimes I still find her up on the dining room table when we've left something too interesting there. LOL

  2. Poor Biscuit, no one wants a wet bed!

    Maybe the pack leaders can find another water method!!!!

    Travel Safe

  3. Poor wet Puppy. A lot of dogs and cats are leary of hair dryers. We like to take rides too, but we usually go in the day time.

  4. I added myself to follow your blog. You are more than welcome to visit mine and become a follower if you want to.

    God Bless You :-)



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