Thursday, December 30, 2010

Rain and more rain!

What do you do on a day when it dawns overcast and grey?  And that is the best weather it is ever going to be all day!  I think tonight as it continues to rain, that we are up to 55 degrees, and that is much warmer than we had late in the afternoon.

The rain began about 11 AM and the temps dove immediately.  It seems really cold after all those days in the 70s.  The poor motor scooter is outside under its cover and up on its center stand.  It hasn't even peaked out all day!

Loyce managed to get in her walk before the rain came down, and we cooked a late breakfast brunch when she came back.  We hung out inside all day.

Mid afternoon, we had a new motorhome come in and park three spots down from us.  And yes in the rain they were out jockeying back and forth to get it just so on the spot.  These parks that have a lot of park models are really nutty about getting each rig exactly straight on the lot, and the front of the rig has to be even with the patio concrete.  Like I said they are nutty about this.  But then we are to be here for 90 days and crooked for 90 days might bother someone after a while.

It has never stopped raining, so I haven't gone down and introduced myself to the new folks.  We have lots more empty spots around us , so perhaps we will have many new arrivals in the next week.

Later, we decided to head on out and go to Loyce's favorite store, Joans Fabrics.  It was in the 40s when we were out.  We came back home on the interstate, and the traffic was nutso in the rain.  I was glad to get off.

So we are snug in our rig tonight and watching the TV.  Tomorrow is to be colder yet, and if it continues to rain, it will snow.  The forecast is for snow in elevations above 2500 ft, so we are at 1400 ft and it won't take much to bring it on down.

Retired Rod


  1. Overnighted in one of those Parks in Yuma one time & the manager was really finicky about getting me totally perfect on the site. It was a matter of 6 inches but he made me straighten my wheel just so. Couldn't get out of there fast enough in the morning!!
    Windy here for the past 24 hours with bits of light rain coming & going. Nothing heavy duty yet. At least the temps didn't drop below freezing last night....

  2. Ouch that weather doesn't sound great. Hope it warms up by the time we get over that way next week.

  3. Just wanted to share some of my "cool" temps with you -- thought you might like it--28 degrees here this morning compared with 4 above day before yesterday--weather is looking up and while I have a chance I am blowing this "popcorn stand".

  4. Put the heaters on Rod and maybe you should get a little coat for Biscuit as we wouldn't want to see her getting cold out on her walks!

    I've heard of this 'parking straight' thing before but haven't ever experienced it. I'd drive the park completely nuttzo with my back-in parking jobs!

  5. I wonder what management does if you don't manage to get your right "just right" on the pad? Jeez.


  6. Stay warm, it is very cold here in Maryland!


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