Monday, December 27, 2010

Weather here to be worse!

This didn't post automatically again, so I just found it at noon mountain time, so will post manually.

It seems that all I talk about here on the blog is our nice weather, and I am painfully aware that it is really nasty in New England tonight with heavy new snow.  So my heart goes out to those of you dealing with this weather event.

But in the process, I checked our upcoming forecast as well, and low and behold, we are in for our own version of a winter event this upcoming week as well.  Now will we get a foot of snow?  Well, no, but it is to get quite cool and begin to rain mid week.  But then after that, it will become much cooler with night time lows in the 20s.  Yes, well below freezing!

I'm not sure it ever froze all last year here in the Phoenix area.  So, should the freeze and the rain come at the same time, it could snow.  Actually many years ago when we were still working, we used to come here to the Scottsdale area for winter meetings, and one of those years, we actually were here for a snow

So, it could be fun in the next few days.  But even then it won't be anything like the winter we left behind, so we are not complaining, rather just reporting the events as they unfold.

Today, I decided to take Biscuit on a walk, and since she can't walk as far as Loyce does, I took her on a walk.   We went about half as far as Loyce would normally, but much farther than she has gone before.  I suppose we walked for more than a mile, which really tuckered Biscuit out.

She came back into the RV and just dropped in the middle of the floor.  She wasn't hooked to anything but that didn't matter. she was dead to the world and slept for much of the afternoon.

Meanwhile, I was outside doing RV jobs like the dump the black water, I decided to restring the rope lights.  We had them strung over the mirrors and wipers of the coach.  And a couple of the stings were in the lemon tree to the side of the coach.  But Christmas is over!

So we decided that we would use the rope lights to outline the ground in front of our rig, and up along side of our patio.  Same lights, and they are white, so they can be used all year long, so I crawled along the route we chose.  I drove the stakes into the ground and used cable ties to fasten the lights to the stakes.

Tonight we are enjoying the new lighting now that it is after dark.  It does outline the site and doesn't look like Christmas lights too much.  Do you folks use rope lights on the ground at your campsite?  Does it still look like you forgot to take down the Christmas stuff?

So we watched the football games and read some, but mostly watched as Biscuit was entirely killed from her walk.  Perhaps that was a bit far for her, so we will back it off some for future walks.  She is still really wild, as we walk and puts on about twice as much mileage being a ramrod, so perhaps less will be more in the future.

Tonight, she was back to her normal self, running from the back to the front of the RV over and over.  She, of course didn't want to go to bed when it came to 10 PM.   It seems a lot cooler tonight, but I'm not sure it would have if I hadn't looked at that forecast!

Retired Rod


  1. The only time I've used lights around or under my rig, it was to keep the pack (wwod)rats away! They do have a tendancy to chew up your engine wires and insulation! I guess that's because I'm usually on a wildlife refuge where those things are sometimes needed. :) Not exactly fallen Christmas lights.

  2. Both your kids use rope lights to light around their camper. Ben and Danielle have red, white and blue ones. Chris and I just have plain white ones, which we outline our site with or attach to our awning.
    your daughter in law,

  3. I've seen those rope lights and thought about them, but haven't bought any yet. I guess I'll have to check a few sites out to see how they look.

    Nothing like a long walk to tire out a little puppy. But, once their batteries are recharged, it's right back to normal!


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