Thursday, December 2, 2010

Onward to Albuquerque!

Well it seems like its late at night, but looking at the clock says its not!  Since we drove into New Mexico today, we had to turn our clocks back the hour that makes it Mountain time!  That was particularly handy, because we lazed around and talked all morning with Mac and Lynette!

We planned on leaving, but had just one more story to tell!  You know, and that led to another story and then another.  But it was finally around noon, when the big wheels began to roll.  As you read this, Lynette will have had her knee surgery on Thursday morning, and we hope for her speedy recovery.

They are camped with some other friends and she also has family right there in town, so I'm sure she will be adequately fussed over while she recovers.  Get better soon Lynette!

So as we rolled into New Mexico at about 12:30, it was particularly nice to wind the watch back to 11:30 to make up for our late start.  We traveled 285 miles today and arrived here in Albuquerque around 4:30. Right in time for the evening rush traffic on I 40.  It can really get bad around the I 25 junction, as folks just pour onto the interstate at every intersection.

They zip out in front of the motorhome and never look a bit at it.  I wonder if they think I can just stop it on a dime?

We had a cool night last night, as we recorded the very coldest temperature we have ever experienced in an RV.  Well in modern times anyway, we used to have a popup years ago that we would camp in, in the snow.  But we were young and dumb back then.  It reached 21 degrees last night in Amarillo, and we had both propane heaters going and the electric space heaters were helping as well.

I stuck a light bulb into the water locker, to help warm up the underside as well. The propane heaters do have a duct under there, and it should work, but I was always a belt and suspenders type of guy!

So nothing was frozen, as we had not connected a hose the night before.  Now tonight here in Albuquerque, we are to have 25 degrees, which will almost seem warm by comparison.  But I put the light bulb back into the water locker just in case.  With the space heaters, the propane heaters don't run as much, so the lockers may not be adequately protected.

We are at the American RV park which is about 5 miles West of Albuquerque on I 40.  This is a nice place with all the amenities that any RV park would have.  Including free popcorn in the Happy hour, and a free continental breakfast.  I think that is a first on the breakfast in our travels for a RV Park.  At least for free anyway.

But the big drawback here is the Interstate traffic noise.  We are right along the frontage road on the South side of the highway.  I asked for a space closer to the back, and did get one somewhat farther away from the road, but the park is largely empty, so there are no rigs between us and the road.  But perhaps it is quieter! LOL.

Tomorrow it is to begin to warm up some across the Southwest, so we are looking forward to that.  It has been fairly warm during the day, but the nights have been quite cold.  So it is the minimum temps that we hope to have warm up!

Travel days all in a row, seem tedious, but we hope to get to Arizona and park the coach for a while anyway.  But remember last year, we got hitch itch and started traveling all over the Southwest.

Retired Rod


  1. Hey Rod your only one State away from your goal, although NM takes awhile to cross, and now you will be starting to hit the fruit & Border Patrol checkpoints, just remember, No Habla. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  2. hey there can stop your big rig on a dime...too bad it is in the pocket of the guy who cut you off!!

  3. At least your 'water locker' is staying warm even if you aren't, so that's a plus. This will all seem like a bad dream once you get settled in AZ and are looking to the A/C for some comfort!

    Safe travels and if you have to 'stop on a dime', make sure to pick up the change!

  4. We finally found the heat in Louisiana . You guys drive careful and I hope you are feeling good enough to travel.

    Take Care


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